Parkwood's Easter Sunrise Service

    Parkwood has been holding an Easter Sunrise service followed by a pancake breakfast since the mid-1970's. We chose to hold our service at sunrise, as we could think of nothing more appropriate than seeing the sun come up to celebrate the rising of the Son of God, Jesus, from the dead, thus conquering sin and allowing us the be freed from our sin through believing in Him. It is held at the Arborteum, overlooking the Rideau Canal, just west of Carleton University.

    The Arboretum, part of Agriculture Canada's Central Experimental Farm, is located just east of the traffic circle at the intersection of Price of Wales Drive and the National Capital Commission Drive, a few km. south of Baseline Road. On the accompanying map there is a circular drive just east of that intersection. Park by the house and walk along the circular drive to the south of the parking lot.


    a) from the church: drive east on Meadowlands Drive to Prince of Wales, turn left. Drive north on Prince of Wales, passing through the intersection at Baseline/Heron Road. In about 2 kms you will come to a traffic circle. As you start through the circle, turn right. Follow directions in the preceding paragraph.

    b) to the church: drive south on Prince of Wales, past Baseline/Heron Road and Dynes Road to Meadowlands/Hogsback (Meadowlands goes to the right, Hog's Back to the left). Turn right. Drive west, past Fisher, Deer Park, Inverness, Tiverton to Chesterton Drive. Turn left. Parkwood church is on the right.

    Here's a detailed map, showing the church, where to park and where the service is...


    View Parkwood and the Arboretum in a larger map

    Parkwood Presbyterian Church
    10 Chesterton Drive (at Meadowlands)
    Ottawa ON K2E 5S9
    phone 225-6648


(picture @ top: Easter Sunrise Service, April 5, 2015, 6:50 AM



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