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Building to Serve
Building to Serve 2013-16

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Building2Serve Photo Gallery

      1.    April 12, 2015    the crowd gathered for the "decommissioning ceremony"
      2.       Samantha brings in the mighty hammer
      3.       Matthew wields in the mighty hammer, knocking out the ceremonial "first brick"
      4.       Rev. Hurd, Kay Stanley, Claire, Erynne, Matthew & Andrew McPhee, Fran McKenny, (front from left) Stewart Elder, Samantha Sutherland
      (Kay Stanley grew up in the farmhouse; the McPhee family were it's last residents)
      5.       The McPhee family presented a beam from the farmhouse
      6.       A last look at the church before the "deconstruction" begins
      7.    April 19, 2015    Some beavers have been chomping away at the Mulvagh Wing...
      (The Fundraising Team harvested some bricks to be used to produce Heritage Memento Bricks & Door Stops)
      8.    May 10, 2015    A temporary wall is put up to separate the construction area from the public area of the narthex
      9.       The old ramp is blocked off and being dismantled, and a fence has been erected around the Mulvagh Wing
      10.       A new temporary ramp has been constructed parallel to the sidewalk at the Meadowlands end of the parking lot
      11.       Handicapped parking relocated north-east corner of lot, on right just south of sidewalk
      12.    May 12, 2015    Old ramp dismantled
      13.    May 17, 2015    Exterior of Mulvagh Wing and south wall of narthex being stripped of bricks & siding
      14.       Chimneys dismantled
      15.    May 24, 2015    Machine ready to go
      16.    May 25, 2015    Peeling the brick off the end wall
      17.       Peeling the brick off the end wall complete
      18.       Peeling the brick off the front wall
      19.       Goodbye nursery, porch & upstairs
      20.       Filling dumpster #3
      21.       Getting there...
      22.       Almost done...
      23.       Goodbye Mulvagh Wing!
      24.       Wide view...
      25.    May 27, 2015    Gathering the pieces of the basement walls
      26.    May 28, 2015    Debris removed from new area of building footprint
      27.    May 30, 2015    Bottom of excavation brought to grade
      28.    June 4, 2015    Well head discovered
      29.    June 24, 2015    Cutting the mechanical room floor down to grade - big saw!
      30.    July 3, 2015    Excavation for footings begun
      31.    July 8, 2015    Forms for the foundation being laid
      32.    July 12, 2015    Forms for footings in place
      33.    July 19, 2015    Footings poured
      34.    July 30, 2015    Foundation walls completed
      35.    Aug. 18, 2015    Installing steel framing
      36.    Aug. 18, 2015    Installing steel framing #2
      37.    Aug. 19, 2015    Wood and steel - things are progressing rather rapidly!
      38.    Aug. 20, 2015    What a difference a day makes - walls taking shape.
      39.    Aug. 21, 2015    Main floor taking shape.
      40.       Main floor joists in place.
      41.       Main floor pretty well covered.
      42.    Aug. 24, 2015    Main floor walls going up.
      43.    Aug. 26, 2015    Main floor progressing.
      44.    Aug. 28, 2015    Main floor exterior walls almost complete.
      45.    Aug. 28, 2015    Main floor exterior walls almost complete, #2.
      46.    Sept. 1, 2015    Main floor interior, looking through the Nursery wall into the Library and beyond.
      47.    Sept. 10, 2015    Roof trusses have arrived!
      48.       Concrete lower floor poured
      49.    Sept. 15, 2015    First truss going up
      50.    Sept.16, 2015    Sheathing on roof complete
      51.    Sept. 21, 2015    Side view: roofing material delivered, some new windows in
      52.       From south-east: door frames, some new windows in place
      53.       New front entrance taking shape
      54.    Sept. 24, 2015    Roof shingled, view from south-east
      55.       Roof shingled, view from south-west
      56.       The narthex is temporarily shrinking
      57.    Oct. 1, 2015    Brick work begun...
      58.    Oct. 3, 2015    Immediately on entering vestibule, to the right are stairs going up into new "Gathering Space".
      To the left of these stairs is the elevator shaft.
      59.       A little farther in, through a set of doors is the stairs going down to the lower level
      and beyond that stairs up to door entry to the back of the new wing.
      60.       Brick work on columns has begun; video tour.
      61.    Oct. 5, 2015    The brickwork around the new entrance completed.
      62.       A different angle...
      63.    Oct. 15, 2015    Windows installed...
      64.       A second angle...
      65.       A third angle...
      66.    Nov. 2, 2015    Temporary heat source...
      67.    Nov. 5, 2015    Hope for gas line - two Aecon men showed up this afternoon and "cased out the situation"
      (Aecon is the gas contractor used by Enbridge). The driver said a crew would be installing the gas line "tomorrow".
      69.       On further investigation, it appears that the Aecon crew did indeed come today.
    Presumably there's a gas line buried in the now-covered trench from the sidewalk to
    the building - evidence: a gas meter that looks to be connected to the gas main and goes up to the building.
    Of course it will take time to connect it to the furnace(s), but we're going in the right direction!
      70.    week of Nov 12-19, 2015    Gas line now connected to church!
      71.       New chimney under construction - connected to several furnaces, each heating different sections of the building.
      72.       New pathway being.constructed around the building, for access to lower areas when stairs are out of commission.
      73.       Library shelves being dismantled, to eventually reappear in one of the new rooms on the main level..
      74.       Behind the scenes: insulation, drywall, etc.
      clockwise from top left: main level nursery, library/meeting room, lower level youth room, classroom
      75.       Bye bye, stairs!
      76.       Hello floor (where old stairs were)!
      77.       By Thursday evening (Nov. 19) the hole in the floor was no more..
      78.       Pathway to back of church completed.
      79.       Asphalt put in place at the new entrance.
      80.    Nov. 26, 2015    A peek through the window after choir practice shows insulation in and wallboard progressing
      81.    Dec. 3, 2015    The construction office trailer has been removed, giving a clearer view of the project and what the final product will look like.
      82.    Dec. 6, 2015    sneaking a peak through a hole in the wall downstairs just outside the existing bathrooms
      reveals some finished wallboard, door frames. At the end of the hall is the elevator shaft.
      83.    Dec. 13, 2015    Another sneak-a-peak down the hall shows wallboard ready to paint and a door on the lift.
      The lift was apparently installed and ready to go.
      84.       Siding being installed.
      85.       Exterior doors installed (not including glass) and some beams covered in cladding.
      86.    Dec. 25, 2015    Cladding of soffit and fascia progressing - front view
      87.       Exterior siding and cladding of soffit and fascia progressing - side/back view
      88.       Concrete lower floor poured
      89.    Jan. 6, 2016    Glass has been installed in new front doors - a definite sign of progress.
      90.       The library shelves were moved to the new library/meeting room on the main floor, southwest corner.
      After they're reassembled the room will receive a final coat of paint and then carpet.
      91.    Jan. 10, 2016    a poor day for taking pictures, but must celebrate progress: soffit & fascia now complete - front view.
      92.       soffit & fascia, side view.
      93.       looking good inside too:
      clockwise from top left: library shelves reassembled; librarian cleaning up;
      classy paint job in new main floor classroom and new doors, main floor
      94.    Jan. 28, 2016    And there was light...
      95.    Feb. 13-14, 2016    clockwise from top left: opened up Gathering Space looking toward staircase; looking back from top of stairs
      approaching staircase; landing (entrance) level
      96.       clockwise from top left: from entrance, looking up stairs; looking straight ahead;
      two views looking down new corridor from Fellowship Hall
      97.    Feb. 21, 2016    A great looking temporary carpet has been installed in the Gathering Space. There's still a number of jobs to be done in that vicinity -
      window & door replacement, ceiling stippled, deconstruction of the bathroom and old Volunteer Office & construction of a new coat room,
      removal of gyprock on common wall with the sanctuary - before the permanent carpet will be installed. The best thing about it is the cost - it was free!
      98.    Feb. 28, 2016    New carpeted floor in lower hallway, including nifty carpeted baseboard.
      99.    Mar. 13, 2016    Yesterday the old youth office was vacated and the furniture moved to the new space, appropriately dubbed "The Youth Room".
      The youth had their Sunday School class in the new room Sunday morning, and it was open for viewing afterwards.
     All we can say is, "awesome!" - especially the cool ceiling treatment!
      100.    Apr. 13, 2016    some shots of the exterior on a nice sunny day. Work left to be done includes removal of old main door and replacement of it and old windows with a new set of windows;
      also grading, landscaping and presumably some paving. We also look forward to using the new entrance once the lock situation is resolved. Looking good! Thankful!
      101.       straight-on view
      102.    May 20, 2016    Barriers installed on the old entrance - the new entrance will be used from here on. Work can now begin on finishing the Gathering Place
      as well as exterior work removing the old steps and levelling the hill leading to the old entrance.
      103.    May 29-31, 2016    Clockwise from top left: May 29: before external work began; May 30: machine at work
      May 31: "rock & roll" (photo by Dan Moffet); May 31, evening: "all's quiet on the western front"
      (click on any image for enlargement)
      104.    June 2-7, 2016    Clockwise from top left:
      June 2:: piles of riverstone and topsoil for spreading
      June 6, 7: new curbing and cement at entrance; topsoil pile spread out back
      (click on any image for enlargement)
      105.    June 9, 2016    We have new asphalt!
      106.    June 15, 2016    We have new yellow lines!
      107.    June 23, 2016    Riverstone in place
      108.    July 4, 2016    We have a new bike rack!
      109.    July 21, 2016    New cabinet surrounding the fire alarm panel, expertly crafted by Dan Moffet. Thanks, Dan!
      110.    Sep. 6, 2016    New windows have been installed and the finishing touches are being applied outside...
      111.       ...and inside
      112.       The brick wall where the coat rack used to be has been stripped of gyprock etc. and the new closet area roughed in.
      113.    September 27, 2016    Outside work almost complete - siding, parging, cladding of columns, garden -- looking good!
      114.       Stepping back for a wider look...
      115.    October 6, 2016    Window installation and trim complete; new carpet installed.
      116.       Brick wall looking good!
      117.    October 27, 2016    Alcove, spruced up...
      118.       Window area: trim installed, plus a little greenery...
      119.       Truly now a Gathering Place!
      120.    October 30, 2016    The day of the dedication of the new facility
      121.    October 31, 2016    View from a distance...
      122.       A little closer...
      123.    November 6, 2016    Men's washroom redone..
      124.       Women's washroom redone..
      125.    undated   "are we there yet?"


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