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Building to Serve
Building to Serve 2013-16

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B2S Special Events

    Holly MacDonald and friends have been hatching fundraising ideas that will involve the entire Parkwood Family and friends. Here's what they've come up with...


    Logos Talent Night

    Saturday, April 27th (2013), 7:00pm

    Thank you for joining the LOGOS children and youth, who show-cased their many talents! The free will offering was gratefully received and proceeds have been placed into Parkwood’s building fund. We hope you all enjoyed the entertainment (and the tasty refreshments)!

    See our talented "Logos chimers" performing "Kumbaya" here.

    Evangeline Keeley Piano Concert

    Sunday, May 26 (2013), 7:00 p.m.

    Winnipeg pianist Evangeline Keeley will present Songs and Stories of Faith: Exploring the Music of Worship here at Parkwood. Her beautiful renditions of hymns and songs are complemented by stories about the authors and composers.

    Contact: Holly MacDonald, phone 613-592-8893, e-mail; also see



B2S "in-house" fundraising projects

    Have you seen a brick salesman sitting at a table in the narthex looking eager for customers? Have you noticed three "boards" in the Narthex with scripture verses on at least one? Have you seen the "cool" model of a church with a weird flexible plastic chimney? Wondered what's going on?

    Well, those are all projects dreamed up by various folk right here at Parkwood to raise funds for our "Building to Serve" project. Here are some details.

    Participate! Celebrate! Enjoy!...


    Silent Auction

    Two tickets for the Ottawa RedBlacks Home Opener against the Toronto Argonauts, Friday July 18 are "up for grabs".

    Value: $134.00; minimum bid: $100.00; Deadline for bids: Sunday July 13, 2014; further information available here

    Contact: Don Pestaluky, phone 613-226-3089, e-mail

    Penny Bin

    Our teens jumped into the task of building a building for the building we’re building, which is now ready to collect coins for the building fund! They did a fantastic job!

    Find the model in the narthex by the stairs and watch through the windows as the coins pile up! Pennies, nickels, dimes, loonies, toonies -- all are welcome!

    Heritage Memento Bricks

    Own a heritage brick from the Mulvagh wing, with a plaque reading

    "BUILDING TO SERVE HERITAGE BRICK, Parkwood Presbyterian Church, 2013-14"

    Cost: $20.00 - must be pre ordered. Payment on delivery.

    Contact: Marcia Harten, e-mail

    Heritage Door Stops

    Own a heritage brick from the Mulvagh wing, with a "heritage material covering" donated by a local pastor or longstanding Parkwood Family member, complete with iron-on "Building to Serve" logo (new logo, photo not available - see May 2015 Pulse, page 11)

    Cost: $15.00 (reduced from $20) - must be pre ordered. Payment on delivery.

    Contact: Marcia Harten, e-mail

    Build a wall

    Let's see how big a wall we can build out of paper bricks...

    Suggested donation: participants are encouraged to make a donation to the "Penny Bin" church model in the Narthex

    Contact: Stewart Elder, phone 613-738-1669, e-mail

    World's Finest Chocolates

    Satisfy that sweet tooth and contribute to our "Building to Serve" project at the same time...

    Cost: $2.00 each

    Contact: Stewart Elder, phone 613-738-1669, e-mail

    "Building to Serve"
    Appreciation Support Cards

    Show someone you appreciate them - wording on front: "This Building Support Card is given in appreciation of your participation and involvement in the Parkwood Family." (click on image of card for 3-panel view, pdf format)

    Cost: $2.00 each or a set of 3 for $5.00

    Contact: Stewart Elder, phone 613-738-1669, e-mail

    Scripture Verses

    Display a favourite bible verse in memory or honour of someone special, or in thanksgiving for a particular event in your life, etc., on one of three boards in the Narthex.

    Suggested donations:   child (up to grade 6): $1 - 2   ·   youth (grades 7-12): $2 - 5   ·   adult: $10 - 20

    Contact: Diane Walford, phone 613-225-1836, e-mail   ·   download a donation form   ·   favourite passages to date



Parkwood's got talent...

Here are the "Logos Chimers" under the direction of Holly MacDonald, playing Kumbaya at the April Logos Talent Night...


"Kumbaya" - Parkwood church Logos Talent Night from Gord Walford on Vimeo.


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