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Building to Serve
Building to Serve 2013-16

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Pledge Form

  • A pledge form is now available online. Various options are available to make a donation to the Building Fund, but they all start with filling in a pledge form. Here's what you can do:


    a) if your browser functions with intereactive pdf files

    • fill in the form online - click on the link "pledge form" in the first bulleted line above. You may ignore the "Signature" field when submitting a pledge by this method. Then

    • press the "Print Form" button to print it out for your records. It has been decided that if you choose to submit an online form you DO NOT have to send in a signed hardcopy as well. Your e-mail address will be considered sufficient proof that the form came from you,

    • press the "Submit by Email" button to send the information to our auditor - this will help with processing the forms at the auditor's end. When you press the submit button, one of two things should happen:

      • your e-mail program should start up with an e-mail being sent to "", containing a file named "B2Spledgeform_data.xml". This file has your pledge information in it. Send this file to the audit team leader.

      • the xml form is created, but your e-mail program doesn't start automatically: then you need to save the xml file to your hard drive, start your e-mail program and attach the xml file to an e-mail and send it to ""

      This method is secure and your information will be held in confidence by the audit team. You should receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your xml file or form. If you haven't received one within a week please notify us at "" indicating the date and time stamp on the original e-mail. Spam traps have a way of frustrating our best-laid plans!


    b) if the pdf form has no fillable fields when viewed using in browser

    • put your cursor over the "pledge form" in the first bulleted line above and right-click, then choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" and save the pdf file to your computer's hard drive. Then open the pdf form with Adobe Acrobat Reader and follow the instructions above, starting with "Print Form"...


    c) if all else fails

    • print out a "print only" pledge form, fill it in by hand, sign it, put it in an envelope marked

        Parkwood Presbyterian Church
        Attn: Treasurer
        10 Chesterton Drive
        Ottawa ON   K2E 5S9

    • place the envelope on the offering plate during a worship service or send it by mail to the church.




    last updated 28-apr-15
  • What's happening this week

    Mon. June 26 - Sun. July 2

    Sunday Service:

    Morning Worship:
    10:00 AM

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
    Psalm 33:12

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