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Building to Serve
Building to Serve 2013-16

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UPDATE... (go to latest update - bottom of page)

    See "history" page for more detail on the stages up to February 22, 2014. By the spring of 2015 all the pieces were in place, including building permit, permission from the PCC Committee on Church Architecture, permission from the Presbytery of Ottawa to borrow, etc. On April 12 a "decomissioning service" was held following morning worship, during which the ceremonial "first brick" was knocked out of the Mulvagh Wing by Matthew McPhee, grandson of the last residents of the house, Floyd & Claire McPhee. The project then began.

    Mar. 10 announcement: things to come

      Good news. As indicated at the Annual Meeting on February 21, our Construction Manager has advised the Facility Planning team and Session that he will be putting a safety/security fence around the Mulvagh building on April 15. It is planned that the current alternative pathway from the parking lot to the back door of Fellowship Hall will be outside the fenced area and thus available for use.

      The fence will be the first step in the demolition of the building, to be followed by construction of a new building and renovation of the existing building to permit linkages between the two buildings such as a new entrance.

      Session has approved a recommendation from the Facility Planning team that the use of the Mulvagh Wing should cease on April 1, although one or two exceptions have been pre-approved. Access to the Mulvagh Wing will otherwise be restricted. Time is required to ensure the building is empty.

      Session has approved the holding of a brief outdoor ceremony on April 12 after the worship served. The ceremony will give thanks for the old Mulvagh building and mark the beginning of the project of demolition, construction and renovation. Plan to attend.

      The goal is for the Construction Manager to provide three-week advance notice of major changes to access to parts of the church building. In turn, these notices will be communicated to individuals, teams and the congregation as quickly as possible.

      Dennis Featherstone
      Clerk of Session

    Apr. 12 service (see B2S photo gallery slide #1 & following)

      Sunday, April 12, following the morning worship service, a special "decomissioning ceremony" was held to mark the end of an era for the Mulvagh Wing during which Matthew McPhee, grandson of the Rev. Floyd McPhee hammered out a brick from the "old manse". Floyd and Claire McPhee were the last people to call the Mulvagh wing "home". Later that week the building will be fenced off and the "deconstruction" phase will begin.

    Apr. 19 announcement: Accessible Ramp and Parking

      Soon the construction fence will go up around the Mulvagh Wing and when it does, the existing ramp will no longer be available for use. But before the fence is put up, a temporary ramp will be provided on the Sanctuary side of the front entrance. Accessible parking will also be relocated nearer this temporary ramp.

      When the fence is in place, Para-Transpo users should tell their driver of the new ramp.

      Parking will also be limited during construction. Please consider ride-sharing and car-pooling, especially those families who come in more than one vehicle. If you need two vehicles, please park one off-site.

      When parking your vehicle, please "economize" and avoid wasting needed space.

    progress, Apr. 13 - May 3 (see B2S photo gallery slide #7)

    • Mulvagh wing officially closed off
    • all furniture etc. marked for storage or disposal
    • storage container acquired, delivered
    • furniture etc. to be stored placed in storage container
    • items to be disposed of given away etc.

    progress, week of May 4 (see B2S photo gallery slide #8 & following)

    • temporary ramp constructed (parallel to sidewalk from Chesterton to church door), old ramp closed off
    • temporary wall constructed inside between narthex and Mulvagh Wing
    • fence erected around Mulvagh wing (path to lower hall still accessible)
    • handicapped parking signs erected on last three parking spots adjacent to Chesterton near the new ramp

    progress, weeks of May 11, 18 (see B2S photo gallery slide #12 & following)

    • dismantling of the old ramp
    • south exit off narthex closed up, outside staircase removed
    • removal of the bricks from the south-facing outside wall of the office area
    • gutting the interior of the Mulvagh Wing
    • removal of bricks & siding from the Mulvagh Wing
    • dismantling of chimneys

    May 20 "Renovation Update"

      There was more important progress in the preparation for taking down the Mulvagh Wing.

      The hydro line feeding electricity to the Mulvagh Wing was taken down. Demolition could not take place with electricity still feeding into the building.

      The chimney on top of the roof of the Mulvagh Wing was taken down in an interesting way. A hole was cut in the roof near the chimney. As a workman loosened the chimney bricks, he threw them through the hole into the Mulvagh Wing. In this way, the demolition of the building would not cause the old chimney to fall in an unpredictable way and potentially cause damage.

      A partial wall of exterior bricks on the side of the main building was removed in anticipation of the construction joining the new building with the main building on that level. The pile of these bricks will be removed at the same time as the debris from the Mulvagh Wing is removed.

      The Construction Manager indicated that Parkwood would benefit from commercial haulage being done after May 18. The City, in its wisdom, has a "half-load" policy whereby commercial haulage vehicles such as those which will remove the debris from the Mulvagh Wing are restricted to half their normal maximum loads to prevent undue damage to roads and unpaved surfaces. Thus, before May 18 it would take two trips by a truck as opposed to one maximum-load trip after May 18. (One could say there is a policy which is not a few bricks short of a full load)

      Dennis Featherstone
      Facility Planning Team

    May 24 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #15)

      The Mulvagh Wing will be demolished beginning Monday morning. For safety reasons, people should not come to the church building until the afternoon.Both Chris (from the Construction firm) and Dan Moffet will provide safety instructions during the day. If you do not need to be here on Monday, please come later in the week.

      Dennis Featherstone
      Facility Planning Team

    progress, week of May 25 (see B2S photo gallery slide #16 & following)

    • Mulvagh Wing demolished May 25
    • clean-up of demolition site
    • break-up and removal of basement walls

    May 27 announcement

      He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. Well, not exactly. The big machine with the enormous jaws is not called a steam shovel anymore. But in less than one work day on Monday, the machine pulled down the building and a significant portion of the old building was taken away.

      The gallery to see Monday's action included: Claire and Floyd McPhee to say another farewell; Dan Moffet present all day acting as our safety officer; Rev. Hurd with keen eye and camera; Gord Walford with his camera; Brenda Featherstone to say farewell with fond memories of the three-month project she coordinated in 1980 to prepare the manse for Floyd and Claire's arrival. Some other folks made "cameo" appearances.

      The clean-up will continue this week. A search for a possible cistern will take place. Some bricks on the wall need to be removed. There will be a close examination of the nature of the footings of our building. The attachment of the tarp along the side of our building will be made more secure.

      The Manager hopes to start the new concrete foundation during the week of June 8. After that, the process of framing the walls, floor and roof takes place.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 4 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #28)

      Two unexpected developments were discovered during excavation to prepare for the foundation. Until these developments are dealt with, the preparation of the foundation cannot begin.

      The demolition of the Mulvagh Wing revealed a foundation issue for the church building. A structural engineer has provided underpinning requirements and the Construction Manager is seeking the appropriate contractor to do the work.

      The demolition also revealed the existence of a well in an unexpected location. Worse still, the well is full of a liquid which appears to be some sort of fuel. How it got there is a mystery. We were advised that we should not expect a repeat of the Jed Clampett story when "up through the ground came a-bubbling crude". A consulting firm has been called in to test the substance and we await directions on decommissioning of the well and cleaning up everything.

      An office trailer for the Construction firm is now on site. This will further reduce parking. We ask that you park efficiently in our lot or park off site.

      With ongoing construction, it is impossible to keep the carpets and building clean at all times. The contractors clean up after themselves when they are done, but not until. Our part-time Caretaker cannot be there to clean every day, but we will do our best for Sundays. In the meantime, if you are concerned, please lend a hand.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 11 announcement

      The plan to begin the new concrete foundation during the week of June 8 did not happen due to the work on the underpinning and the work on determining the amount of old fuel oil we have in the abandoned well. There was considerable noise on Wednesday as workmen removed extra concrete from the support of the main building. As the Construction Manager told me, there must have been a special low-price deal on concrete when they poured it in the early 1970s because they used more than needed.

      As for the fuel oil problem, it has been determined that the casing for the old well goes down 40 feet to bedrock and the drilled well goes down a further 100 feet to where water was initially found. It appears that the fuel oil is not contained within the casement. So the strategy is to remove as much of the oil as possible, then wait a day to see how much additional oil comes back into the well. Once that information is available, then the next step will be decided.

      Request Number One: Please use extra care in walking over the gravel and grass to get to the path of cement stones to enter the doors at the lower level to the Fellowship Hall. We will be trying to extend the stone path in a way which walkers can use it and heavy equipment will not destroy the stones.

      Request Number Two: Our goal on Sundays is to have our reduced-size parking lot used by those unable to walk longer distances and by visitors. We are asking young and/or able-bodied members and adherents to use street or mall parking. We will be seeking permission to use various parking spaces "on top of the hill".

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 17 announcement

      There is a "break in the action" as the Construction Manager waits for the engineers to indicate how best to proceed with our oil problem and the structural underpinning of the church building. A preliminary report on the oil problem indicated about 45 liters of some type of oil was removed from the abandoned well. The next test is to see how much oil comes back into the well during a 24-hour period. We are awaiting the results of this test.

      The preparation of the base for the new building cannot proceed until there is a final resolution of the oil problem. Once this resolution is obtained, the preparation of the base can begin.

      Additional parking: Permission to park on Sundays in the lot at Sir Winston Churchill Public School (49 Mulvagh Avenue) has been obtained.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 25 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #29)

      Decisions have been made and action has resumed on the site.

      The old well which contained the mysterious oil will be decommissioned and abandoned. This means it will be capped by a company authorized to undertake this action in the required manner. The well should not be an issue after the capping.

      It was decided to remove the raised floor in the Mechanical Room. This floor has been an obstacle since it was installed in 1974. Its removal will facilitate the linkage of the current and new buildings.

      On Wednesday, the "big shovel" came back to load the earth pile onto a dump truck. More earth is being scooped out to clear a space for the foundation for the new building. The "forms" company will be visiting today to review the site prior to the start on the new foundation which is scheduled for the week of June 29.

      The Construction Manager is optimistic that now that the uncertainty about the well and the floor has been resolved the project should move ahead relatively quickly.

      Parking: A friendly reminder that during this early phase of construction we would appreciate young and/or able bodied people to park off-site on Sunday mornings. Two off-site locations are on the street (Mulvagh) and at Sir Winston Churchill School (entrance off Walgate Avenue). We still have on-site parking for a fair number of cars.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 2 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #30)

      The big shovel has made a big hole. Red paint lines marked out the footprint of the new building but the lines might not have survived the heavy rain on Wednesday. Some construction material has arrived at the site. The next step is the preparation of the forms to hold the cement.

      The contents of the old elevator shaft have been removed. There has been hand digging the earth in the area under where the old floor to the Mechanical Room was located. The big shovel cannot reach this area.

      We are anxious to complete this preparation work. Then we will be able to see the start of the actual construction of the new building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 9 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #31)

      The form work for the footings began this week. This is a big step forward towards constructing the foundation of the new building.

      One purpose of the work down below the current church building was to remove the raised floor in the Mechanical Room. This room was originally constructed with a raised floor which has been an obstacle to the location and maintenance of equipment in that space. The removal of the floor means that there is some unanticipated space available for equipment. The Facility Planning Team has started a review of how best to use that space. As well, the Team has started a review of whether the plans for the space adjacent to that area could be beneficially altered.

      The Team asked the Construction Manager to have an electrical contractor review our current use of and anticipated need of electricity so that we can assess the adequacy of our present electrical panel.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 16 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #33)

      The first cement for the foundation was poured this week. The method to get the cement from the truck in the parking lot down into the prepared forms for the foundation was a far cry from the wheelbarrow method of old. Equipment on a special vehicle took the cement from the cement truck and passed it upwards in a pipe and then downwards though a big hose which a workman directed into the forms.

      The next step is more forms for the walls and then more cement to construct the walls. Reinforcing bars are set into the poured cement to strengthen the foundation and walls.

      After reviewing the report from the electrician, the team decided it was not necessary at this time to expand our electrical service beyond the present 200 amp service. The team did ask the Construction Manager, however, to obtain a quote to replace the existing (but very old) electrical panel.

      Speaking of electricity, we were advised that it now takes 11 teenagers to change a light bulb. One to change the bulb and 10 to take photos to put on Facebook.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 30 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #34)

      There has been lots of action at the site since the last update on July 16. Concrete for the walls was poured into the forms, and then the forms were removed leaving the walls standing. Some waterproofing and frost-protection membranes were attached to the walls. The big shovel is back-filling soil against the walls. Some of the extra soil and old concrete pieces were hauled away.

      The removal of most if not all of the pile of soil means there might be the opportunity to move the fencing in a bit, which would provide better access to the Fellowship Hall and possibly more parking spaces. The space to become available will be reviewed in light of the need to store roof trusses in a secure area.

      Part of the next work plan is to remove the concrete block in the old elevator shaft. This will be a delicate process as the goal is to avoid disturbing the adjacent drywall. The elevator doors will not be removed at this time. Our request to the construction firm is to minimize disruptions.

      The plan is to start some framing of the new building during the week of August 3. The concrete walls and the framing will show clear visual progress for the construction of the new building on the footprint of the old Mulvagh wing.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 6 announcement

      More progress! The concrete foundations are now complete. Some rigid insulation has been installed below grade along the west wall to protect both the new foundation and the existing one from frost. Foundation drainage has also been completed and connected to the existing.

      The big shovel completed back-filling around the tall foundation walls and has also done rough grading along the back side of the building. A miniature version of the big shovel was brought in to work inside the foundation to prepare for under-floor piping and to spread crushed stone in preparation for the floor slab. It was interesting to see the big shovel pass scoops of gravel down for the little shovel to spread.

      For proper drainage, the level portion of the lawn will be extended almost to the big pine tree. Once topsoil and grass have been installed, we will have a level area almost twice what it was. Rough grading has been done in this area, which required removal of the concrete walkway.

      A temporary gravel walk has been installed to maintain access around the building. A better view of the addition is available from this gravel path.

      Concrete block in the old elevator shaft has been removed and a big concrete saw was at work on Tuesday cutting the opening for the new basement corridor near the Music Office. It has been a noisy week for the people in the church office. Before framing can commence, steel columns and beams must be installed.

      Dan Moffet for Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 12 announcement

      There is no significant progress to report this week.

      The construction manager is waiting for certain steel components (columns and beams) which are required before the framing begins. The roof trusses are scheduled to arrive any day now.

      We are all anxious to see the basic structure begin to take shape.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 20 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #35)

      The I-beams and various pieces of construction lumber arrived early in the week. The new structure is beginning to rise from the foundation. We no longer need to look into the excavation to see what is happening. It is rising right before our eyes.

      You should see it now.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 27 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #42)

      There is considerable visible progress being made this week on the new building. The basic lower and upper levels are now very visible. Through the safety fence, one can get a peak at room locations and sizes.

      Once the walls are in place, the measurements for the roof trusses will take place. The trusses should be manufactured in about 10 to 14 days and then they will be "added" to the building. During the period waiting for the trusses, some work will be done inside the new structure.

      Various pictures have been taken during the demolition and construction phases. Hopefully, the folks taking the pictures have kept up with the rapid progress this week. The pictures taken at different phases in the project can be viewed using the internet: For Facebook (and you don't have to belong to Facebook to see these)

      As construction begins to coincide with a return to the regular activities in September, it is essential that a room be booked in advance of planned use. At times, some areas will be "off limits" due to construction so you might not have access to a space unless you book it in advance. Please book in advance.

      We are also asking that if anyone discovers a problem in the church, such as a lack of electricity, that they communicate their finding to the church office. In some cases, the fix might be quite simple due to some inadvertent action by a construction worker.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 3 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #44)

      Significant construction progress is continuing this week. The structure is beginning to look like an actual building. But much remains to be done.

      The concrete floor is scheduled to be poured the week of September 8. This will enable a considerable amount of interior construction work to be done.

      The measurements for the roof trusses have been made. When the trusses arrive, a major step towards closing in the new building will be made. Also, the fenced area for the site will be reduced in size once the space is no longer needed to temporarily store the delivered trusses.

      The game of "musical" furnaces will start next week. Currently we have one operational furnace which provides A/C for the office area but does not provide heat. One or two of our other furnaces (currently stored in the trailer) will be moved into the lower level next week.

      Meetings with the Construction Manager and Architect continue to take place weekly. Planning the logistics for integrating the new and existing buildings, especially in the new gathering space, and maintaining building access are the main priorities.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 10 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #47)

      This four-day work week is one of preparation, waiting, pouring and delivery. The preparation of the basement floor to receive the concrete was completed. The waiting for the rain to pass took place on Wednesday. The pouring of the concrete for the basement floor is to take place on Thursday. The delivery of the roof trusses is to take place on Friday. As well, the delivery of some of the windows is to occur on Friday.

      Some of the targets for next week include installing the roof trusses and moving some furnaces onto the new concrete floor in the Mechanical Room in the lower level.

      Significant construction progress is continuing this week. The structure is beginning to look like an actual building. But much remains to be done.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 17 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #49)

      They raised the roof on Tuesday.

      Well, a crane lifted the trusses and workmen guided them into place. Then 4 by 8 boards were nailed to the trusses. The join to the roof of the church building was completed. The developing structure looks more and more like a part of the church building.

      Next up is the membrane and shingles for the roof. Some of the windows are on site and are awaiting installation. Interior framing is continuing. The electrician should begin preliminary work this week.

      Important behind-the-scene work continues. Dan is working with Bell Canada on the best way to bring the phone service into the building (to replace the temporary arrangement since the demolition). Also, Dan is preparing a proposal for a combination of furnaces in one Mechanical Room and which would include addressing the longstanding problem of the relative coldness of the Meeting Room.

      Weekly site meetings include the Construction Management team, the architect and Dan and Dennis from Parkwood.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 24 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #54)

      Lots of progress this week. The shingles are on the roof. Some of the windows are installed. Interior framing is continuing. The electrician has begun to do some basic electrical rough-in. The old elevator doors are being removed, which led to the installation of a wooden wall in the narthex for protection purposes.

      Next week it is expected that some brick work will be done.

      Dan has prepared a schematic showing how the four furnaces could be used along with their accompanying ductwork. This drawing will be reviewed by the firm of Engineering Consultants and the Mechanical firm.


      The Parkwood Church building will be closed ALL DAY Wednesday October 7th, 2015. The main electrical panel will be replaced that day which means all electrical power will be disconnected. In turn, this means the fire alarm system, emergency lighting, and lights will not function.

      The church offices, including the Minister's Office will be closed for the day. The telephone system including the message system will also be off.

      Finally, the construction activities mean you will not be permitted to enter the building that day because the building will be deemed a construction site for that day.

      (We try to schedule such activities on a Friday when there are relatively few people using the church building. The replacement of the main electrical panel is a major job and if it is determined on Wednesday that additional parts are needed, then they can be obtained on Wednesday or Thursday if necessary. If we were to do the job on a Friday and parts are needed, then it would be difficult to get parts on a Saturday which might jeopardize the use of the building on the weekend.)

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 30 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #57)

      Brick work began this week which will soon change the appearance of the construction siding. The interior framing is virtually complete. The rough-in for electrical and plumbing is underway.

      The "bottleneck" right now is waiting for Enbridge and their installer to reattach our gas supply. The plan is to attach to the supply near the Chesterton sidewalk, put a larger "pipe" than before under the parking lot and attach it to the desired input area in the lower level. Once this is complete then two things can happen.

      First, the furnaces can be hooked to the gas supply. Second, a grader can be brought in to do the required grading work at the front of the building and also to lessen the slope of the current path which goes around the construction site and down to the entrance to the back door into Fellowship Hall.

      The team reminds everyone that the church building will be closed on Wednesday, October 7 for the replacement of the old electrical panel. There will be no electricity in the church building and no entrance into the building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 3: B2S photo gallery slide #60 includes a link to a video guided tour of the new building with Dan Moffet.

    October 8 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #61)

      Exterior progress can be noted with the brickwork at the front of the new building. Also, parging of the existing concrete is being done to seal the surface to provide protection against water seeping inside the building.

      Interior work basically completed includes electrical rough-in and plumbing rough-in. Interior work underway is being led by Dan and others who are doing the phone/data and security wiring and systems.

      Advance planning is being done for ductwork for some of the furnaces as well as the location for electrical plugs and switches.

      There is still no specific date from Enbridge and company on when we can expect the reattachment of our gas supply. We do have paint marks in the parking lot indicating the location of various underground wires and pipes. Until we get the reattachment of our gas supply, we cannot get heat in the building.

      The electrical work during the church shutdown on Wednesday went well. No further electrical shutdowns are anticipated. As a reminder, the electrical work had nothing to do with our furnaces which are run on natural gas.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 15 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #63)

      The remaining windows are being installed this week. Next up is the installation of the doors.

      Once the interior wiring is completed and then inspected, the workers can move onto insulation and panelling of the interior walls.

      There is an ongoing review of the fire alarm requirements.

      Next week, the lower level corridor in the existing building will be blocked off for work on the ductwork. There will be instructions on how to gain access to the Meeting Room and Kitchen. Look for directional signs.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 22 announcement

      The main work on the site this week is installing dry wall in the new furnace room. The big question of course is the reattachment of the gas supply. When will it be done? Despite "badgering" Pri-Tec for a date, they keep on saying that Enbridge is the delay and will not give an exact date.

      Some technical information for those interested in the mechanics of gas supply. The old gas line needs to be replaced by one with a larger diameter to provide the increased BTUs now required to heat the buildings. In order to do this, the contractor will "push" the new pipe from the sidewalk under the parking lot and then emerge at our gas meter. But before they do their work, they need a permit from the city to work near, possibly break and then repair the sidewalk along Chesterton.

      On the day of installation of the gas supply, there will be some parking restrictions in our lot. We were told that Enbridge will give just one day's notice of the workmen coming to the site. As a result, we will not be able to provide much advance notice and will probably need to put up signs and/or barricades on the parking lot. The work will be done during the week, whenever...

      The other work being done this week is mainly planning, developing and reviewing options on how best to proceed with some of the trickier aspects of the project. The work is time consuming with nothing today to show for it, but essential for the project.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 29 announcement

      There will be HEAT and HEAT for Sunday, November 1.

      There will be HEAT in the Sanctuary and HEAT in Fellowship Hall for this Sunday. The heat will be blown into these two areas from a temporary source originating outside the building.

      While Enbridge has finally promised to reconnect our gas line during the week of November 2, seeing will be believing based on their past record. The temporary heating arrangement will be available for a period of time until the gas supply is definitely available, until the gas is connected gradually to our new furnace arrangements and until not needed during the construction process inside the new building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    November 4 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #66)

      There will be HEAT again this week. None of us involved with the project have any firm idea of whether it will be supplied through the work of Enbridge and its subsidiary OR by the same technique which was used successfully last week. If it is the latter, then some adjustment will be undertaken to reduce the heat a little compared with last Sunday. But there will be HEAT.

      Work is proceeding at a fast clip inside the new building. The electrical inspector approved the electrical work and that was followed by the installation of insulation and vapour barrier. The drywall and doors are to be installed next week. Some of the new ductwork is finished while some further preparation is on hold pending a successful run of the first two furnaces.

      Outside, the grading of the exterior path to the back door of Fellowship Hall was done Wednesday and the transfer of the stored patio stones to this path will likely take place next week.

      This is advance notice that the next major task in our existing building is to eliminate the stairs in order to create the gathering space. Planning is underway to maximize our continued access through a temporary reduction in interior space. The current plan is for this work to begin after November 16. Details will be provided in next week's note.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    November 12 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #70)

      There will be HEAT this weekend. The plan is to complete the ductwork and testing of the furnaces before the weekend and to have furnace heat starting Saturday. (Enbridge and Aecon provided the gas reattachment on Friday, November 6, or 11 weeks after the initial request was made by Pri-Tec.)

      Interior work underway this week includes installation of drywall and some insulation, along with the ongoing round of inspections. Exterior work planned for completion by early next week includes the finalization of the path from the parking lot to the back of the church building and paving a small section in front of the doors to the new building.

      The major integration of the two buildings begins on Tuesday, November 17 with the closing of our access to the stairs from the Narthex to the basement. Access to the Sanctuary, Narthex and office area will continue to be through the main entrance. The handicapped washroom will continue to be available.

      Access to the Fellowship Hall, Meeting Room, Music Office, Kitchen and both Men's and Women's washrooms will only be through the exterior doors from the patio area behind the church.

      There is no way to avoid this inconvenience. We appreciate your continued patience as we work towards the integration of the two buildings and the construction of the new Gathering Space.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    November 19 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #72)

      The old stairway to the basement is history. It was removed this week and the construction of the floor extending the narthex (to be called Gathering Space) is underway behind the wooden barrier.

      In the new building, work continues on the ductwork arrangement to heat parts of the current building and the new building. More wall board is being installed.

      The pathway with patio stones is being constructed from the parking lot along the construction fence and then going to the back doors of the main building. The lighting for the path is a "work in progress" in part because the exact location for the construction fence has not been finalized and in part because we need to test various arrangements of lights.

      The furnaces for the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall have been reinstalled and are working normally. There is no heat in the Meeting Room, Music office or upstairs office areas. Please continue to use the portable heaters in these rooms until notified. Remember to unplug them after you are finished needing them.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    November 26 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #80)

      The focus of construction work continues to be on the interior of the new building. The extended fire alarm system is being installed. Work continues on insulating the walls, attaching vapor barriers and installing drywall on both walls and ceilings. HVAC work is continuing. A decision was made to use wall grills where possible to eliminate the need for some new duct work.

      The lift is being manufactured and installation might begin late next week.

      The pathway to the back of our building was installed and has worked well so far. We have asked for a light near the beginning of the path so that the path can be identified from the parking lot. Please continue to exercise caution when using the path, especially when that "four-letter-stuff" falls from the sky.

      The third furnace is close to operational which will mean that there will finally be furnace heat to the upstairs office area.

      The construction trailer will be removed from the site once the doors to the new building are installed and the building can be locked. The site supervisor will then move his drawings, etc. into the new building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    November 26, from James Hurd

      Heat was restored at 4 p.m. today to the church offices on the main floor, including the minister's study. Seven and a half months after the gas was disconnected in April, we are blessed to have the furnace now designed to heat both the offices and the new main-floor library and nursery spaces in working order. No more gloves or coats needed for visitor's to the pastor! (NOTE: there are in fact several furnaces, and those meant to heat the area of the building still under construction are not yet functional)

    December 3 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #81)

      The third furnace is operational and heat is now being supplied to the office area. The construction trailer has been removed.

      For the current week, the focus of construction work continues to be on the interior of the new building. The exterior panelling is scheduled to arrive and to be installed.

      Decisions have been made on flooring and the lighting. The fire alarm system will be complete once the new panel arrives. The site supervisor is awaiting word from the manufacturer on the delivery and installation of the lift.

      Please continue to use caution when walking down the path to the back of the building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    December 10 announcement

      The construction site has been a virtual "bee hive" of activity this week. The lift is being installed. The second taping of the wall boards in underway. The exterior siding is being installed at the back and on the side. Work continues on the ductwork.

      A one-time change in the water meter and its location took place on Wednesday. The electrical folk are waiting for a panel to complete the installation of the fire alarm system.

      Despite all the recent activity, it appears the Construction Manager will not be in a position to ask the inspector for a "partial occupancy" approval before Christmas. In light of that, the Construction Manager was requested to increase his efforts to ensure that they are in a position to ask for partial occupancy approval as soon as possible so that we can avoid using the path way each time we want to get to the Fellowship Hall. Pressure will be exerted on the Manager to achieve this goal.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    December 17 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #83)

      Interior work this week continues to focus on drywall. With most of the wall taping complete, the emphasis shifted to sanding on Wednesday. When sanding is taking place, the office furnace will be shut off to prevent the generated dust from circulating with furnace heat. Progress on the complicated ductwork continues to be slow. The new lift was tested by the site supervisor who said it rides very smoothly. The lift will require final approval from a special inspector before it can be generally used. Its eventual use at Parkwood will be with the assistance of a key-operator.

      The new building requires some form of heat which is coming from the temporary propane heater with its big pipes through the space for the new front door. Once the new ductwork can be used to heat the new building, then the need for temporary heating ends and the new front doors can be installed. Does this sound like the game of dominoes?

      On the exterior, the siding is basically complete on the back of the building and over one-half complete on the side. The work to cover the exposed wood over the new entrance way started this week.

      We asked the Construction Manager to contact the building inspector to determine what conditions would the new construction need to meet for us to be granted "temporary access" through the construction site to the sanctuary. The response from the inspector was expected later today or tomorrow. It appears, however, that we are still some distance away from having "partial occupancy" approval.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    December 23 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #86)

      The soft smell of drying paint greeted me when I took my weekly tour through the new building. Most of the drywall in the rooms is finished and is now being primed. Several doors have been installed and are being painted. The glass for the classroom doors and the door handles have yet to be installed.

      Work on the exterior siding has moved to the front of the building, with the back and side of the building now finished.

      Once the glass is installed in the front door for the new building then the appearance of the building will dramatically change.

      There will be some workers in the building next week but it is not clear how many. So there might not be much progress next week.

      Our request to the Construction Manager to determine how close we are to partial occupancy or temporary access did not get a favourable response from the Building Inspector or the Lift Inspector. Some key components of safety-type work remain to be done before one or more approvals can be given.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    January 7, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #88)

      In my quick unofficial tour through the construction zone, there was almost a need for stop lights to control the traffic of workmen. This was a great sight to behold.

      There was someone installing door handles and locks. Someone was setting up the back door on the lower level. Someone was doing "mudding" on the joints in the drywall in the storage areas. Someone was putting glass into a classroom window. Someone was painting in the entrance way.

      Outside, the workers doing the siding are toiling up high on the building and hope to finish their job this week. The front door now has glass in it, although we are awaiting the lock.

      There were even some Parkwood labourers moving the component wall units and shelving from the lower storage area to the new library area (assembly to follow). A fellow from Pri-Tec helped the labourers and then he swept and vacuumed afterwards.

      The sealing of the floors in the low-headroom storage areas is complete and some items have been moved into storage in these locations.

      Electrical fixtures and equipment, fire alarm equipment, and flooring were ordered in December and will soon be shipped to the site, although there will be a sequence for installation (e.g. painting before carpeting).

      There should be significant progress with the interior during the end of this week and all of the week of the 11th. It's still too early to apply for general access to the new building.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    January 14, 2016 announcement

      The ceramic tile is being installed in the new entrance way this week. This has slowed work on parts of the interior work due to some limitation of access to the new building. But access is scheduled to be available again on Thursday at which time some plumbing fixtures arrive and the vinyl flooring begins to be installed.

      Work has continued through the week on the ductwork, mainly in the lower level of the new building.

      Last Friday, insulation was blown into the attic and we requested additional insulation be blown into the existing ceiling over the Narthex and Minister's office. Hopefully, this will reduce heat loss and the number of icicles forming on the edge of the roof on the church building.

      The tentative schedule is to install the carpeting next week. As well, the relocation for the fire panel is scheduled to take place. When the fire alarm is temporarily inactive, notice will be given to church users for that period.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    January 21, 2016 announcement

      The end of the construction phase is like the last mile in a long distance race -- it does not seem to want to finish. Progress towards the end of the construction phase is definitely being made but there are a relatively large number of items to be completed. Fortunately, most of them are smallish, at least in the eyes of the workers.

      Electrical and plumbing equipment is arriving and is being installed this week. The new fire panel has been installed but will not become operational until some smoke sensors arrive.

      There is a need to make a final check on the flow of heat with the furnace and ductwork system. Once that is completed successfully, then work can begin on closing in the new washroom on the lower level.

      The vinyl tiles were laid the nursery, pre-school and one storage area. The other rooms to have vinyl tiles are currently being used to store parts for the project. Once these parts are moved out, then those rooms can get their vinyl tiles. One worker put down a wood base and the tiles for the three areas last Friday, albeit a long day for him.

      Alta MacFie has completed the painting and touch up of the storage units which Dan Moffet attached to the walls in the Library/Meeting room. Jim MacFie painted the shelves for the units.

      Carpet will not be put down until most of the workers are out of the building. Otherwise, slush and dust is liable to get onto the new carpet.

      Once Pri-Tec can get some of the key tasks completed, then they can invite the building and the lift inspectors to see how close we are to gaining some form of occupancy to the constructed area. Stay tuned.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    January 28, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #93)

      Focus this week is essentially on completing work in progress. Most lighting fixtures are in place. Some suspended ceilings are being installed in the lower level now that ductwork in that area is complete. Glass was installed in the remaining glass-less doors. The fixtures are installed in the washroom on the upper level.

      Hand rails are being stained and painted for installation after drying.

      While the basic lift is installed, some further work is required to make the lift fully operational.

      The building inspector has been on site several times recently as approval is sought for various safety features.

      Outside, a light is being installed on the new building to help make the path more visible at night. Some work has begun on making the site a bit more organized.

      It would not be wise to try to forecast a precise date when Parkwood will have approval for occupancy of the new building. When it happens, it may be the case that work is incomplete on some non-essential features such as carpeting. This will certainly be the case in the new Gathering Space where work has not yet started on converting the Narthex.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    February 4, 2016 announcement

      More parts of the new building are being finished. The building inspector has been coming two or three times each week to check on the emerging safety features of the new building. We will probably receive the approval of the building inspector in the coming days, even though all rooms and hallways have not been completed with finishes such as painting and carpeting. Approval without entire completion does mean certain things.

      We will gain ACCESS to the new building which means we will be able to walk through the building, much like people were able to walk through the new areas during the recent period of construction at the Bayshore Shopping Centre. In particular, we will be able to leave the sanctuary, walk down the stairs and follow the hallway into Fellowship Hall.

      We will be able to OCCUPY most parts of the new building so that we can start putting tables, chairs, books, etc. into the new spaces. This process will provide an opportunity for volunteers to help move equipment which is stored in various places, including the Moffet garage and several basements.

      We will be able to USE the new building once we put furniture and equipment into the new spaces. As well, there will be a need to set up keys and a key-record system to secure various storage areas and access to rooms which contain valuables. Continued patience will be required as the new spaces are phased into use.

      Back to the project. The technical work on the new lift is lagging the completion of other parts of the project. The technicians should be here next week to complete their work and then the lift inspector must come to approve its use.

      More lighting equipment is being installed. On Thursday, more areas will have vinyl floor installed as well as the rubber baseboard. The handrails have been stained and sealed. It is possible that some carpeting will be laid on Thursday.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    February 11, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #94)

      So close to official approval for occupancy, but not yet as of 9 a.m. today. The problem identified late last week and requiring investigative work this week was a malfunction in the firm alarm system somewhere in the existing building, not the new construction. The system is now working for the electrician but we are awaiting official testing by the alarm company. Then once the necessary approvals are obtained for the fire alarm we should have cleared the last hurdle to occupancy.

      As a reminder, initially we will gain ACCESS to the new building. Then we will be able to OCCUPY the building and put furniture and equipment into the various spaces. Once we have the spaces ready, then we can USE the spaces for our classes, meetings, etc.

      On Sunday, you will find the new gathering space opened up but still in partial construction mode. Please respect temporary barriers put up to keep people out of certain areas.

      More carpet was put down this week and various small and large sections of painting are being completed. The new washroom in the lower level is not yet ready for use.

      The lift company completed their technical installation on Wednesday. The provincial inspector should be here next week and hopefully we will get final approval to use the lift soon afterwards.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    February 18, 2016 announcement

      Through Wednesday, the fire alarm system was working but in the wrong way. It was "beeping" which indicates a flaw in the system somewhere. Electrical sleuths are searching for the cause which is generally thought to be somewhere within the system in the existing building, not the new construction. Clearly, this ongoing sleuthing would not be the basis for a one-hour TV show. Correcting the problem with the fire alarm should be the last hurdle to clear to get approval to occupy from the building inspector.

      Some carpeting and more baseboards are being installed this week. For safety, there is a need to have some carpet in the Gathering Space. If we were to put down the final carpet we have purchased, then there would probably be a need to cut or otherwise alter some of it when the existing volunteer room and handicapped washroom are taken down. So Pri-Tec has arranged for free temporary carpeting to be placed on the floor. As a word of warning, we have no choice of the colour of this temporary carpeting but the price is right.

      Pri-Tec has completed the work on the pre-inspection check list for the lift. We are waiting for the TSSA inspector to come to the site to do the final inspection prior to approval to use the lift.

      The internal access from the Sanctuary/Narthex through the new area and down the stairs to Fellowship Hall will be used for both the potluck/Meeting on Saturday evening and the worship service on Sunday morning. For all other uses of Fellowship Hall or the Meeting Room, please continue to use the direct entrances at the back of the building to these areas.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    February 25, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #97)

      The work being completed this week includes the carpeting and base trim, painting and plumbing fixtures in the washroom in the basement. A new piece of ceramic tile is being installed in the main landing due to a vent being installed there in error.

      The fire alarm has finally passed its electrical test. The electrical engineer signed off on it so that meant the inspector could be called for a "final" inspection. Alas, the inspector identified an issue with fire separation around the fire-alarm box and we did not pass the occupancy test. Options are being explored to resolve this issue.

      Once the various pieces of construction equipment are out of the new building and the dust settles, then Pri-Tec will do a cleaning of the building. When we do obtain occupancy approval, representatives from Parkwood and Pri-Tec will walk through the new construction to identify deficiencies in the construction for correction at a later date. The initial use of the new building will be with the minimum amount of tables and chairs so that classes and others can meet as soon as feasible.

      Please pick up a copy of the Pulse this Sunday to read a note on the decisions on financing the construction project made at the Annual Meeting on February 20. One of the decisions was to try to make donations to the Building Fund earlier rather than later in the year. This front-loading of your donations will help to meet the expenditures as they occur in the first part of the year.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    March 5, 2016 announcement

      Pastor James Hurd shared some good news at the men's breakfast this morning: the city has issued the occupancy permit! Apparently there will be a "walk-through" on Tuesday, following which we'll be able to use the rooms.

      According to the last update dated Feb 25, once the various pieces of construction equipment are out of the new building and the dust settles, then Pri-Tec will do a cleaning of the building. When we do obtain occupancy approval, representatives from Parkwood and Pri-Tec will walk through the new construction to identify deficiencies in the construction for correction at a later date. The initial use of the new building will be with the minimum amount of tables and chairs so that classes and others can meet as soon as feasible.

      Gord Walford,
      (Dennis Featherstone is out of the country)

    March 10, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #99)

      No doubt the word has spread that Parkwood received its occupancy letter on Friday, March 4. If I had known that leaving the city would quickly lead to approval for occupancy, I would have left in January rather than on February 29. It would have been a win-win situation.

      Dan Moffet reported to me that the take-over inspection was conducted on March 8. The purpose of the inspection is to identify for correction any defects or deficiencies apparent in the completed construction. The architect is the primary inspector and judge of the work. The review included areas that are complete, clean and ready for occupancy. One or two small spaces and the Gathering Place are not complete, so they did not form part of the inspection. In a few days, Pri-Tec will be circulating to the Facility Planning Team the list of areas noted as requiring attention.

      The addition is now released for Parkwood's use but some areas will need remedial work to be done before we actually move in. The Library and Garden Room are available for limited use with temporary furniture. Once the furniture from the old Youth Office is moved to the new Youth Room, they can begin to convert the old Youth Office to the new Volunteer Room. Renovation of the Gathering Place will follow that. Continued patience with the remedial work arising from the approval process would be appreciated.

      The Lift is not yet operational. The new main entrance still has a few minor repairs to be completed. When the necessary corrections are made, then the new entrance should be fully functional.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    March 17, 2016 announcement

      Pri-Tec delivered the list of areas and spaces requiring corrections to the construction and renovations. Pri-Tec is now arranging with trades contractors as required to complete the work.

      It should have been mentioned earlier but the ceramic tile in the new washroom on the upper level was a gift of both material and labour from the tile contractor. Parkwood did not have a choice in the colour of this gift but gladly accepted it. The saving was probably in the neighbourhood of $2,000.

      There was a typo in the recent note on the project in the Pulse. In the third paragraph, "donations of $55,000 during 2015" should read "donations of $55,000 during 2016".

      As decided at the Annual Meeting, a formal request for a supplementary grant from the Presbytery was prepared and sent to the Clerk of Presbytery. While this document will be circulated to the F&M Committee of Presbytery for them to prepare a recommendation to Presbytery, the next regular meeting of Presbytery is in the third week of April.

      This is a reminder that at the Annual Meeting the congregation agreed to try to "front end" a portion of their annual donations to the Building Fund by March 31. Later this month, a decision will be made on how much the congregation needs to borrow to complete the project. As well, options on the source of borrowed funds are being explored.

      The process of gradually moving into our new spaces continues. The Youth Room has moved to their new space. Other new rooms are beginning to be used. The accessible washroom on the upper level is now open for use. Directional signs for the upper level are displayed on the Admin window.

      Please do not pin, nail or tape anything to newly finished surfaces. We will need to obtain backboards to display material.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

      addendum from webservant: The lift is now in operation and some Parkwood folk have received training from Dan Moffet. It was hoped that the new entrance would be useable by Palm Sundaty, but issues related to the lock have postponed that.

    April 7, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #100)

      The ongoing work this week is mainly the completion of construction corrections/adjustments and Dan Moffet identifying the electrical problems in the area to become the new Volunteer Room. Once some redundant wires are capped or pushed back above the ceiling, then a cupboard can be built to enclose our IT equipment.

      There will be two major activities in the completion of the Gathering Place. One will be to make the new entrance doors consistent with our requirements, then closing off the old door, then doing some outside grading to prepare for constructing framing for the new windows and then installing the windows.

      A second focus will be to finish the new Volunteer Room, then demolish the current Volunteer Office and the old washroom, then build a new coat room, then decide on how best to finish the ceiling and then lay the new carpet.

      For the exterior work, two quotes were obtained by Pri-Tec. After reviewing these quotes, the Facility Planning Team met with the architect and Pri-Tec to develop an alternative plan for the extent of concrete or brick outside the new door and related areas. The intent of the new plan is primarily to save money but will be consistent with the basic intent of the original plan for the exterior walkway.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    May 12, 2016 announcements

      #1 - BIG CHANGES:

      As of Friday, May 20th, Parkwood's new main entrance will be in operation and the old one will cease to be used. Because the new entrance cannot be monitored from the offices, it will remain locked at all times except for events. For visitors who come during office hours, an intercom "Entry-Phone" has been installed which rings office phones only. The person in an office who responds will come and answer the door. To minimize disruptions to office personnel, key-holders are strongly suggested to make a habit of carrying and using their key to let themselves in. To prevent damage to the automatic door operator from mis-use of the control buttons, it will remain turned off and locked except for major events.

      Dan Moffet,
      Facility Planning Team


      The focus of the work this week is to prepare the new volunteer room. This work includes patching, cleaning and painting the walls, moving wires and planning for an IT cabinet.

      After this room is ready, the next step will be to move the equipment from the current volunteer office to the new location. Once this move is completed, then Pri-Tec can renovate the areas of the former volunteer office and the former handicapped washroom to become the new coat-hanging area.

      All the equipment for the operation of the new front doors is in place. Unlike our current front door, the new entrance doors have a power operator for accessibility. It will be activated for major events such as worship. At other times, when the entrance is locked, it will be turned off to protect it from damage due to mis-use of the activation buttons. The plan is to start using the new entrance doors on May 20.

      For the exterior work, Pri-Tec's proposed sub-contract has been signed to do most of the exterior work required by the Site Plan agreement with the City. A target start date has not yet been established but it is hoped to be later this month.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    May 22, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #102)

      Barriers were installed at the old entrance on Friday May 20 as planned and on Sunday May 22 the congregation did indeed enter through the new doors!

      Gord Walford

    May 26, 2016 announcement

      We have been advised that the exterior work will begin the week of May 30.

      For this stage of the exterior work, there are four goals.

      1. to remove steps, shrubs and grade the property
      2. to replace the temporary asphalt and extend the area with concrete and curbing
      3. to pave a small portion of the renovated property
      4. to paint lines on the parking lot

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 2, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #103)

      It was not a Sahara dust storm. It was workers at Parkwood beginning the renovation and preparation stage for the big change in the area where we once had our entrance.

      The exterior work did indeed begin this week. If you have not been in the church building or driven past it this week, then you are in for a surprise. The first stage of the exterior work is now complete. The stairs and shrubs have been removed and that former area now has a new base of compacted stone. Lots of dust was raised in the process.

      The next steps include installing curbing, preparing concrete outside the new entrance doors and then asphalting the renovated area.

      Dump trucks have also delivered material to the site. A load of riverstone was dumped along the side. The basic plan is to put the riverstone along the "drip line" directly below the edge of the roof so that the soil is not gradually washed away. There might be sufficient extra riverstone to use in an adjacent area.

      One load of top soil was dumped on the west side of the path at the back. This soil will be spread to the low area on the west side of the path and then grass seed applied. Options are being considered for the area at the back of the addition and inside the path.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 9, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #104)

      There were several "happenings" since the update on June 2. Volunteers spread top soil into the area west of the path at the back of the building. Then the top soil was raked and a new type of grass seed was "sprayed" onto the top soil.

      At the front of the building, the concrete pad and edging were poured on Monday. Then the various new areas of asphalt was applied on Tuesday. We now have a very different view from the street. Once we get the new windows installed...


      We are trying to define small, easy areas of work where volunteers can do the job, save the congregation money and give the volunteer a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

      The next call for a volunteer is to roll paint onto two walls of the music office. We need to move some furniture before the painting can be done. But if you would like to volunteer to paint this area, please contact Dennis Featherstone by sending an email message ( or leaving a message on his home phone.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 16, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #106)

      Yellow lines to define parking areas were painted this week. There continues to be 40 official parking spaces including 3 handicapped spaces. Volunteers moved the handicap-sign posts to provide added visual guidance to the 3 spaces. The parking on the gravel area is not official parking, otherwise paving would be required by the City. It would be appreciated for cars to be parked in the official spaces.

      Interior renovation work continues to focus on the preparation of the new Volunteer Room. The plan is to finalize the move into the new area this week. When the move is complete, then Pri-Tec will be notified that the renovation of the Gathering Place can resume.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    June 23, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #107)

      The move to the new Volunteer Room is nearly complete. The cabinets are installed, the Volunteer computer has been moved and the Toshiba photocopier/printer is operational. The contents of the old "Volunteer Closet" have been relocated. Locks on the cabinets will be changed on an "as needed" basis.

      (We were fortunate to be able to obtain free of charge a large number of cabinets such as the ones in the Volunteer Room. Our construction manager told us that at one of his other projects; the company did not want the cabinets anymore and asked that they be disposed of. Volunteers picked up the cabinets and moved them. Dan and Brenda stored them in their garage over winter until we were ready to use them.)

      On the exterior, the river stones have been moved into position along the roof drip lines. Wooden posts have been installed along the path way. Some grading has been done.

      We have informed the construction company that they can start the renovation of the Gathering Place any time now. We are awaiting word on the start date

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 7, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #108)

      A new bike rack was installed this week, adjacent to the entrance, just before the start of the Summer Camp. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen!

      Gord Walford,
      for the Facility Planning Team

    July 21, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #109)

      The workers from Pri-Tec are finishing up another job in the area. Hopefully they will return to Parkwood early in August to complete the work in the Gathering Place. It might be the case that Parkwood will have short advance notice on their return.

      For those who have not been in the church building this week and for those who have their eyes open when they arrive early on Sunday take a look at the fine piece of cabinetry which houses the fire alarm system just inside the front door. Special thanks to Dan Moffet for his creativity and workmanship on the cabinet.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    July 28, 2016 announcement

      The plan for Pri-Tec to return to do the renovations of the Gathering Place and to install the new windows continues to be early August.

      We should expect some disruptions in the Gathering Place due to the work but access to the sanctuary will be maintained. Access to the Garden Room might be affected due to some construction equipment being located in the storage room off this room.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 11, 2016 announcement

      This is the second week of work by Pri-Tec on the renovation/construction of the new coat room. If you were to arrive at the church at 6 a.m. and think you would be the only person there, then you are likely in for a surprise. Chris, the site supervisor for Pri-Tec, has been doing the "very early" shift and is usually on site working at 6 a.m.

      The current work involves the framing and drywall for the coat room. Also, there are holes in the floor to be patched. The target is to be ready for painting next week.

      On the horizon is the work to remove the former front door and install the new windows.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 18, 2016 announcement

      Work is progressing slowly on the renovation of the new coat room. Chris (the site supervisor) is presently the only person assigned to the project, and it is on a part-time basis. There will be a discussion with the company to determine if the pace of work can be accelerated. As well, more specific time targets for the work will be requested.

      Renovation brings some concern about what might be found when walls are removed. So far no major negatives have been found, although the work is not yet completed.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    August 25, 2016 announcement

      The electrical work in the Coat Room is in progress. The walls are being prepared for painting. Sheets of drywall will be put on the ceiling in the coat room for a better finish.

      During the week of August 29, the framing for the new windows and the installation of the windows is scheduled.

      The main remaining items of work in the Gathering Place are to test to see if drywall on the Sanctuary side can be removed to expose the brick, to test how to finish the ceiling, to install the ceiling lights, paint the walls, to remove the temporary carpet and to lay the new carpet.

      After the framing for the new windows, some further outside finishing work can be undertaken.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 1, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #110)

      There was clear progress this week. The remainder of the new windows were installed in the Gathering Place. Panelling was installed outside the building below the windows. Some additional work remains to be done with the internal framing, including the installation of a few electrical outlets in the wall below the windows.

      The second area of clear progress was the removal of the wallboard from the original brick wall in the Gathering Place. The removal involves chipping away the remnants of wallboard and paste from the brick, without harming the brick. Once water is applied to the brick the remaining whiteness fades away.

      Progress on finishing the new Coat Room is disappointingly slow. A discussion will be initiated with Pri-Tec to accelerate the completion of this work so that there will be a place to hang coats.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 8, 2016 announcement

      The focus of the work this week is the installation of the new windows. This includes both the inside work and the framing and panelling outside. As well, panelling is being prepared for the four posts outside the new entrance.

      Dry-wallers are supposed to have been on the scene to complete the work on the Coat Room. As of Wednesday, they have not been sighted. Communication with Pri-Tec continues to encourage them to give the completion of our Gathering Place a higher priority.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 15, 2016 announcement

      Renovation activity and progress has picked up considerably since the report last week.

      The bulk of the drywall work in the Coat Room and Gathering Place should be completed by the end of the week. The goal is to have the Coat Room operational for Sunday the 25th.

      On the exterior, the panelling on the four posts at the front entrance is scheduled to be completed this week. An adjustment to the panelling around some of the windows is also targeted to be finished this week.

      A list of the remaining adjustments/corrections to the construction and renovation is being prepared. These items will be communicated to Pri-Tec for adjustment and completion.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 22, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #113)

      If you were in the church building on Wednesday, that was not a Sahara dust storm. That was the sanding of the new coat room and other areas in preparation for painting. Painting and the installation of electrical fixtures is scheduled for the remainder of this week.

      On the exterior, the area in front of the new windows received some badly needed attention. A nice combination of bricks near the building, top soil with flowers and several large stones were installed on Wednesday. The area now looks like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    September 29, 2016 announcement

      Early in the week, various electrical and painting work was done. Carpeting is being done on Thursday. the new coat room and other areas in preparation for painting. Painting and the installation of electrical fixtures is scheduled for the remainder of this week.

      As of the end of the week, there are several outstanding pieces of work to be done in the Gathering Place. Most can be seen visually. Pri-Tec is being advised that this work must be completed. the new coat room and other areas in preparation for painting. Painting and the installation of electrical fixtures is scheduled for the remainder of this week.

      There is a need for Parkwood people to do some painting in the area outside of the Administrative Assistant's office. These areas are not part of the construction contract but it would be appropriate to paint them so that this general area has new paint.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 6, 2016 announcement (see B2S photo gallery slide #115)

      Some progress to report but still unable to say the end of the work in the Gathering Place is likely to be this week. Some more electrical detail work was completed this week. The delay in the Gathering Place is caused by a wait for the painters to return to complete the painting. Pri-Tec was spoken to about this frustrating delay. Once the painting is finished, then the carpet base can be quickly installed. Then the furniture can be moved back in and decorating can begin.

      For the exterior there was significant progress. The storage container was emptied and subsequently removed from the property. Parkwood was paying a monthly rental fee for the use of the container. Special thanks to the volunteers and a truck who completed the task of emptying the storage unit.

      We are waiting for two estimates to plant the six trees along the edge of the property as required by the City as part of our Revised Site Plan Agreement. The trees must be planted this month.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 20, 2016 announcement

      The painters are scheduled to arrive early on Thursday morning. Later in the day, the trades-persons are scheduled to arrive to install the carpet borders.

      We are hopeful that there will be no mishaps during the painting process. We were assured that proper carpet covering (tarps) will be used during the painting.

      If both the painting and borders are completed as promised, then we can turn our attention to giving the Gathering Place a "lived-in" look. Hopefully we will have time to do that before the dedication on October 30.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 26, 2016 announcement - Dedication of New Facility

      The renovation work is complete except for a few minor details.

      The dedication of our new and renovated facilities is planned for this Sunday, October 30th, at 10 a.m. as part of the morning worship service. Please plan to attend as we give thanks to God for what has been accomplished and consecrate His gifts to Christian service.

      Invited guests include members of the Ottawa Presbytery, our architect, our construction manager, our site supervisor and the Councillor for the Knoxdale-Merivale ward.

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team

    October 30, 2016 - Dedication of New Facility (see B2S photo gallery slide #120)

      The new facility was dedicated on Sunday, October 30. The Monderator of the Presbytery of Ottawa, Mr. John Tyler, led the service of dedication. Invited guests present for the occasion included the architect, David Mailing, principals from Pri-Tec Construction and the city councillor for our area, Keth Egli. After the service, a special cake was enjoyed by all in the Fellowship Hall and presentations were made to Dennis Featherstone and Dan Moffet for their huge contribution to the project. Thanks, guys!!

      Gord Walford,

    beyond October 30, 2016 (see B2S photo gallery slide #121 and following)

      The photo gallery shows the new look on October 31 as well as the new look in the old men's and women's washroom (not part of the contract work) courtesy of Michael and Carrie Morris. Awesome job. you too!

      Gord Walford,

    January 19, 2017 announcement

      Loan Repayment Fund

      The time has come to move from construction to loan repayment. The Building Expansion Fund is now closed. Session has established a Loan Repayment Fund to receive donations for loan repayment. To meet the repayment requirements, money will be withdrawn from this fund. Any donations to the Loan Repayment Fund will be used only for loan repayment purposes.

      A review of the construction loans will be set out in the forthcoming Annual Report. There will be a need for the congregation to make a decision on how quickly we try to repay the loans. Session encourages the congregation to continue to remember the needs of loan repayment when they make their decision on donations to the work at Parkwood and beyond. On your offering envelope, add the words "Loan" or "Loan Repayment".

      Dennis Featherstone,
      Facility Planning Team


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