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Expansion 1996

    Parkwood church has been exploring the idea of expanding its facility since 1984. In that year an architect was hired to put together some ideas for consideration by the congregation, and an "expansion fund" was established. The congregation had outgrown one Sunday worship service and had started a second. In 1987, the minister and family moved out of the "old manse" and purchased their own home, thus enabling the church to "move in". The former living room became "the Fireside Room", the kitchen was transformed into a new large nursery with adjoining crib room, the front porch was winterized and became a preschool room, and the bedrooms upstairs became Sunday School classrooms and meeting rooms. The "old manse" was officially renamed the Fellowship Centre in 1989. But Parkwood still had a narthex (the area immediately outside the sanctuary) that wasn't much more than a hallway. When we hired a part-time youth director in the early '90's, she was given the smallest bed-cum-classroom in the Fellowship Centre as an office. At this stage, further expansion was still in the class of "things hoped for".

    The recession of the early 1990's saw slow but steady growth in the expansion fund. By late 1995 this fund contained enough money to seriously consider expanding, thanks in large part to a bequest the congregation had received earlier in the year. At a meeting called November 25th, the congregation agreed to a building plan to commence the following summer.

    On June 27th, 1996 the congregation accepted a proposal for expansion of the sanctuary and narthex/office area that is estimated to cost slightly over $400,000. On the main floor this will add 14 feet to the sanctuary, allow the narthex to expand to take in the current office space, and provide four new offices, an accessible washroom and an elevator "behind" (west of) the narthex. Downstairs, there will be a new kitchen, a room to store choir music, a large meeting room where the choir can warm up undisturbed on Sundays, and a separate area for 2-3 Sunday School classrooms. The lower hall will lose its posts and gain storage for chairs, tables, etc. in the old kitchen area. Most of the money is already in hand, and no more than $40,000 will need to be financed. The contractor whose bid was accepted is Morley Construction Inc. of Ottawa. So far, this is what has happened...

    week of July 1:

    • trailer delivered (to house church offices while construction is in process)
    • bricks removed from back outside wall

    week of July 8:

    • dirt, dirt, anyone want some dirt? (excavation for footings done)
    • concrete progress (footings poured)
    • forms put in place
    • church offices moved to trailer
    • foundation walls poured
    • forms removed

    week of July 15:

    • sawcut foundation walls (for new doorways, etc.)
    • installed new weeping tile, damproofing, platon (drainage barrier)
    • removed basement west entrance
    • backfilled interior
    • broke men's washroom floor (for plumbing connections)
    • youth group cleaned mortar off of hundreds of bricks

    week of July 22:

    • furniture, etc. removed from sanctuary platform, narthex, lower hall
    • underslab plumbing done
    • concrete poured - basement floors, interior footings
    • basement walls framed

    week of July 29:

    • main level floor roughed in, new office area framed
    • ceiling of narthex demolished
    • new roof put on narthex (partially completed)
    • dust screen installed in sanctuary
    • old platform demolished
    • west brick walls on platform stripped of brick
    • basement ceiling demolished
    • shoring put in place in lower hall in preparation for removal of old beams

    week of August 5:

    • shingles taken off sanctuary roof (the week we get torrential rains!)
    • new roof partially completed; the sanctuary extension still has a heavenly view
    • more progress on narthex roof
    • old steel beams and posts removed from basement, new beams delivered
    • more bricks stripped of old mortar - still lots left!

    weeks of August 12,19:

    • roofing completed
    • majority of framing completed
    • new steel beams installed, lower hall
    • windows installed
    • brick installed in new area of sanctuary
    • new sanctuary platform constructed
    • mechanical & electrical roughing underway
    • insulation installed

    week of August 26:

    • wall framing almost completed
    • door frame installation almost completed
    • gyprocking started
    • bricking of exterior started

    week of September 2:

    • gyprock installation almost completed
    • taping and plastering begun
    • doorframes installed
    • exterior brickwork completed
    • installation of new fire alarm system begun
    • installation of cedar siding in new platform area begun
    • wood underlay installed on main floor

    week of September 9:

    • gyprock installation completed
    • taping and plastering about half done
    • ceiling in narthex stippled
    • installation of new fire alarm system almost done
    • installation of cedar siding in new platform area complete
    • staining of new cedar siding begun

    week of September 16:

    • installation of handicap lift begun
    • main floor:
      • staining, painting of platform area completed, platform carpetted
      • gyprocking completed in office/narthex area, baseboards installed, new doors painted 1st coat
      • wiring almost complete
    • lower floor:
      • gyprocking done
      • taping and plastering about 2/3 done
      • installation of kitchen cupboards begun
      • most new doors painted 1st coat

    week of September 23:

    • temporary barrier wall removed
    • piano, organ moved onto platform
    • pews unscrewed, moved out onto platform
    • rest of sanctuary carpetted
    • available pews moved back in (some not available until the remainder of the building can be occupied)
    • installation of hardware & cable for platform sound system about half done
    • painting done main floor, first coat downstairs
    • new fire alarm system almost complete

    week of September 30:

    • main floor all carpetted
    • carpetting started downstairs
    • installation of handicap lift almost completed
    • painting almost completed
    • new kitchen almost completed
    • sound system wiring on platform completed
    • just about everything else almost completed - just odds & ends and cleanup left!

    week of October 7:

    • at least 97% complete!
    • the builder has a list of deficiencies running several pages to correct/finish; he should finish them within a week
    • the trailers (office, storage) were emptied Thursday night
    • new offices occupied, new kitchen too
    • all main sanctuary pews installed; one to go on the platform; some book racks to be made later
    • the two main items outstanding are the handicapped lift and folding doors; the elevator men are working on the former, the latter are expected in this week or next
    • coffee this Sunday - Thanksgiving!

    week of October 14:

    • still working at it - no handicapped lift, no folding doors, odds & ends getting done...

    week of October 21:

    • handicapped lift works
    • some folding doors installed

    subsequent weeks...

    • lock installed on folding door in meeting room late January
    • folding doors finally working the first week of February
    • some of the Parkwood gang finally got some new bulletin boards up, just before the annual meeting Feb. 8th
    • minor items remain - a little draft coming through some of the new doors

    you can look at the new floor plans:

last updated 27-apr-14

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