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experimenting in web design

    Parkwood's initial website was built in April 1996 when the web was in it's infancy. The site design was very basic, but suited it's purpose in an age when there were less than ten churches in the Ottawa arae that had websites. For "old times sake", you can view a "home" page from May 1997 here. (note: only the "home" page - none of the links work; ALSO, the pages in those days were built with smaller, more square monitors in mind, so you might want to resize you broswer window to get rid of the extra blue line on the right)

    The site was redesigned by Allen Pestaluky in late 2005 using up-to-date methods, coded in php. Over the years since then content has been added but the design has stayed the same

    In 2016 some thought was given to redesigning Parkkwood's site. In early 2017 Gord Walford began the task. At this point it is nearing completion.

    the final design

    We started with two designs, and have settled on one

    • BANNER 2:   the banner consists of a photo on the left taking up approx 60% of the width, and the church logo and purpose to the roght of the photo, taking up the remaining 40%. The photos in the header vary by page.


    The layout...

    • home
    • news
    • about us - dropdown with 6 pages: What to expect (i.e. worship), What we believe, Our church (i.e. history), Our pastor, Our staff, Our leaders,
    • youth - dropdown with 2 pages: LOGOS and Youth group
    • activities
    • links: includes site map, which has some noyes on unresolved issues at the bottom
    • contact us




last updated 04-may-17

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Mon. June 26 - Sun. July 2

Sunday Service:

Morning Worship:
10:00 AM

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
Psalm 33:12

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