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    Presbyterian churches contribute to missions in a couple of ways. First and foremost, they support Presbyterians Sharing, funneling money to the national church for support of it's operations, as well as supporting Presbyterian missionaries in the field at home and all over the world. The Presbyterians Sharing webpage - - provides information on the goal for the current year and links to ministries in Canada supported by Presbyterians Sharing, mission staff around the world, ministries of aboriginal peoples and our theological colleges. The Mission Moments that are included in our Sunday bulletin monthly describe ministries that are funded through congregations' contributions to Presbyterians Sharing.



    Parkwood's direct support for various organizations at home and abroad is coordinated by our Mission Team. The team's "terms of reference" can be found here. The team through it's annual budget currently (2014) provides ongoing support for four organizations or individuals and a smaller level of support for several others. In addition, during the year the team brings before the congregation four appeals for funds to support specific projects.

    The following four organizations receive ongong support:

      Carlington Chaplaincy Fund

        The Carlington Community Chaplaincy is a ministry of presence, rooted in the Gospel, fostering a safe, supportive and empowering environment for everyone within the Carlington Community, a catchment area of 4,000 - 5,000 residents, roughly bounded by Carling Avenue, Maitland Ave./Clyde Ave., Fisher Avenue, and Baseline Road. Their ministry is geared to help people living in social housing and on low incomes. More information can be found on their website -


      Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Uganda)

        Funds support with work of Leah Hopp, a member of Parkwood church. Leah is a health professional providing education and community health programs in the area surrounding Namalu, Nakapiripirit, Uganda. She provides periodic reports to Parkwood in person and via our church newsletter. She recently created an 8 minute video for Knox Church, Spadina Ave., Toronto in which she outlines what she's been doing - view that here..

        Leah teaches community health in six villages that are all within a 1-hour walk from the mission station in Karamoja. The most common health lessons that she teaches together with her community health team are: hygiene, sanitation, antenatal & postnatal care, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Leah recently completed a Masterís Degree in Public Health from Uganda Christian University, just outside of Kampala. The modular programme focused on and advocated for maternal health ( and allowed her to conduct research at the village level, which has been submitted for publication. It focused on clean delivery practices and on neonatal infections.

        See also the website of the Uganda Mission of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church -


      Gracefield Christian Camp & Retreat Centre

        Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre, under the leadership of the Presbytery of Ottawa, is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre is dedicated to helping all people experience spiritual discovery, growth, and renewal. It is a community that nurtures a deeper love of Christ, provides comfort and support, builds leadership, develops meaningful relationships, and practices stewardship of the environment.

        Located on the shores of Lac du Castor Blanc in Gracefield, Quebec, the 200 acres of camp property serve as a year-round retreat for guests, a tent and trailer loop for seasonal and daily itinerants and a summer camp for children and youth. See their website - - for more information.


      Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

        IVCF is a national Christian organization working with students on university and college campuses across Canada, They seek to develop faithful witness, cultivate spiritual growth, demonstrate Christian love, seek all truth in Jesus Christ, shape servant leaders and grow a missional commitment in the students they work with. Funds support the work of Alaina Johnston, IVCF staff at the University of Ottawa. See their website - - for more information. A report on recent activity can be found on page 10 of the November 2014 Pulse. Also see IVCF's national website -


    In 2014 Parkwood also supported the following ministries through its budget and special appeals to the congregation:


    In previous years Parkwood has supported the following ministries:





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