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Terms of Reference



    1. Operational principles

    Ministry teams shall all be governed by the following operational principles:
    • Each Team reports directly to Session and its work is subject to the authority and approval of Session
    • The Minister is to be a member of each team by virtue of his office, but without vote (ex-officio)
    • Members are appointed to teams for two years
    • Each team selects a Team Leader who will serve as Leader for a maximum of two calendar years, at which point the team leader must step aside for at least one year
    • Each team will include at least one member of Session
    • Each team will designate one of its Session members to be its representative to report to Session
    • Each team is to select its own secretary
    • Teams are empowered to fill vacancies to keep the Team up to maximum strength
    • Each team will present its budget request for the following year to the Treasurer by November 1 of each year
    • Teams should seek volunteers to help with short-term tasks
    • Teams may arrange their own meeting times and locations
    • Where required and appropriate, teams should coordinate their activities with other teams

    2. Reporting Relationship and Communication

    • Each team will be under the guidance of the Session. When required, the Ministry Team will seek the support and guidance of the Session and/or Minister in fulfilling their responsibilities
    • Each team is to report significant activities to Session through the representative elder on the team and to make recommendations to Session on issues which normally require Session approval
    • Each team should implement approved activities without further specific approvals from Session, unless there is a significant change in the approved proposal
    • Each team should endeavour to schedule (or propose schedules) to avoid conflicts with other team or congregational activities
    • Each team should provide contact information for their chairperson to the Church Administrative Assistance and the Clerk of Session.



        Policy and Planning

          • To assist Session in general planning and policy development on matters related to the life and work of the congregation.
          • At least six active elders, appointed by Session, with the understanding that the Team may call upon inactive elders for advice when deemed appropriate. The Minister and Clerk of Session are ex-officio members. The Team will appoint its convenor. Members will serve on P&P until they resign or are replaced by Session. (revised 27/05/2013)
          • Prepare plans and recommendations for Session as required.
          • Assist in identifying program objectives and long range planning requirements.
          • Develop and recommend policies to Session on its own initiative or as referred to it by Session.
          • Participate in certain projects or committees that directly affect the congregation over the long term, such as construction projects and search committees.
          • Identify strategic issues in the congregation's life and work for possible action by Session.
          • Participate in the Budget Team. The convenor of P&P will normally chair the Budget Team and the Secretary of P&P will act as Secretary. All other P&P members are members of the Budget Team.
          • Provide two members to the business committee of Session, normally the convenor and one other member.
          • Act as an advisory group for the minister as required.


        Worship Co-ordination

          • Ensure meaningful worship, involving the laity in creative ways
          • Help plan and evaluate worship opportunities
          • Investigate new approaches that may promote church growth
          • Six team members plus ex-officio (Choir Director and Praise Ensemble Director)
          • Choir
          • Groups for the leadership of public worship
          • Praise Ensemble
          • Ushering
          • Summer Mid-week Service
          • Special worship services and observances (including Christmas, advent, Easter, lent, Reformation)
          • Audiovisual
          • Suggest and help plan creative and innovative worship opportunities to improve/augment the contemporary and traditional worship formats
          • Oversee the Ministry of Music
          • Provide opportunities for the laity to lead in worship (reading the Scripture, etc.)
          • Ensure accessibility for all worshipers through operation of audio/sound system, providing large print material, providing adequate space for the mobility impaired, and providing a scent-free worship environment
          • Plan the preparation and decoration of the Sanctuary for the festive seasons
          • Plan special services of worship
          • Arrange for the provision of ushers at worship services and provide guidance to ushers concerning the marking, entry and exit of the pulpit Bible, collection and presentation of the offering, and tidying the sanctuary following the worship service


        Christian Education

          • Provide a program of Christian Education that is attractive to persons of all ages in order that they may be confronted by the Gospel, may grow in faith, participate in the life of the Christian community, and be active witnesses to Christ in the world
          • Oversee recruitment, screening, training, placement and recognition of people who are gifted in provision of Christian Education
          • Six team members plus ex-officio (School Superintendent, Youth Director, LOGOS director)
          • LOGOS
          • Sunday School (including nursery)
          • Youth Ministry
          • Library
          • Assess needs, develop plans and implement Christian Education programs for all ages
          • Promote and publicize Christian Education programs for the spiritual growth of the congregation
          • Recruit teachers and leaders for Christian Education programs and arrange for training courses
          • Raise the level of understanding of Christian Adult Education and its significance in the life of the congregation.
          • Review resources and curriculum of church school on a timely basis, recruit and support a Superintendent of the Church School
          • Provide a nurturing and safe atmosphere for children and youth
          • Provide guidance, direction and supervision to the Youth Director and evaluate the effectiveness of youth ministry programs
          • Provide an opportunity for the youth to participate in a well-balanced program of worship, study, service and fellowship.
          • Promote congregational awareness of the needs, abilities and contributions of the youth in the church
          • Arrange (through the Worship Coordination Team) for a service of dedication for all Christian Education teachers and Youth Leaders to be held annually, usually in September
          • Oversee the functioning, promotion and growth of the Church library



          • To strengthen Christian Fellowship with the congregation through activities that will encourage relationship building among existing members and adherents and attract new members.
          • Six team members
          • Craft group
          • Gracefield Camping
          • Bible Study Groups
          • Ladies' Breakfast
          • Men's Breakfast
          • Newcomers Visitation
          • Refreshments
          • Women's Group
          • Other including Christmas Dinners, Intergenerational celebrations, Congregational Picnics, Receptions
          • Provide support, as requested, to other teams in organizing special events such as Rally Sunday Corn Boil and Sunday School Picnic
          • Provide opportunities for all ages to meet one another in a variety of situations
          • Keep the Congregation informed of all future activities well in advance of any event
          • Identify and create new fellowship activities where there is a need and interest
          • Co-ordinate reporting and budget submissions from the assigned groups



          • To facilitate the work and witness of the congregation in the local, national and international mission of Christ's Church.
          • At least six team members, which shall include one member designated as contact with the Carlington Mission
          • To share in partnership with other Christian congregations in the city of Ottawa in co-operative efforts in both (i) Evangelism, in which strangers to the gospel are confronted with and challenged by the claims of Jesus Christ; and (ii) Christian witness through social action, in which the love of Jesus Christ is put into practice, showing tangibly to others the grace of God
          • To contribute to the witness of the church in matters of social action (e.g. upholding the sanctity of life, both for unborn children and vulnerable seniors; seeking appropriate justice and mercy for the disadvantaged; remembering the call to care for the sick, the poor, the hungry and the prisoner in the name of Jesus Christ)
          • To hold before the congregation our partnership with other Christian congregations, denominations and para-church agencies (including the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada) in offering a Christian witness to Canadian society at large, including appropriate presentations to legislative and judicial bodies, municipally, provincially and federally
          • To enable the congregation to share with other Christian partners in ministry to students at school, college and university sustaining and contributing to partnerships with agencies involved in campus ministry (e.g. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, The Navigators, Algonquin College Campus Ministry, etc.)
          • To promote support for Christian ministry undertaken by The Presbyterian Church in Canada, including both mission work in Canada and abroad, including encouragement for the support of the congregation's contributions to "Presbyterians Sharing" (the national General Assembly's mission budget), and co-operation with other mission agencies (e.g. Interserve)
          • To support international relief and development work, including, but not limited to, the work of Presbyterian World Service and Development in areas of identified need (e.g. relief efforts for those affected by war, drought, famine, flood, hurricane, etc).
          • Develop awareness of mission opportunities and needs in the local community and coordinate action by Parkwood to address those needs
          • Recommend to Session and the congregation how Parkwood might best support local, national and international mission work of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and other Christian denominations and bodies such as the Renewal Fellowship within the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
          • Develop awareness of the work of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in global mission and recommend ways in which Parkwood might support that work
          • Select up to four Special Appeals annually for presentation to the congregation



          • To introduce to our neighbours the love of God found in Jesus Christ
          • To demonstrate what we as a congregation have to offer as part of the body of Jesus Christ
          • To lead people in the local community to faith in Him
          • At least six team members.
          • Outreach and evangelism in the local community
          • Promote awareness of Parkwood's presence, mission and programs
          • Visitor welcome and follow-up
          • Drama and Music Camp (Summer Daily Vacation Bible School)
          • Build a team of individuals who can lead people to Christ
          • Provide training in evangelism to members of the congregation
          • Promote awareness of the presence and mission of Parkwood in the local community through advertising and door-to-door visiting
          • Organize events to introduce and attract people to Parkwood to hear the Gospel message.
          • Arrange for greeters and guest book attendants at worship services. Provide guidance for guest book attendants in greeting and providing information to visitors.
          • Follow up contact with visitors.
          • Coordinate with other Teams and activity leaders to ensure that newcomers are made aware of groups and activities which might meet their needs and when activities might overlap with other Team responsibilities (e.g., Mission or Fellowship)


        Finance and Maintenance

          • Responsible to Session for the management of the temporal and financial affairs of the congregation and the care and maintenance of church buildings and property
          • Twelve team members plus ex-officio (Treasurer, Administrative Assistant and Caretaker)
          • Financial management
          • Maintenance of the church building and church property and equipment
          • Safety and security measures, including the security and protection of church data and records
          • Provision of necessary furnishings and equipment including telecommunications and communications equipment and management of the computer infrastructure
          • Oversee the work of the Administrative Assistant (in conjunction with the minister) and the Caretaker, and provide direction and support
          • Provide Session with periodic reports as to the financial status of the church, and make appropriate recommendations
          • Maintain financial records and oversee expenditures to ensure that expenditures are properly authorized
          • Arrange for two people to count and record the offering from each service of worship and deposit it in the bank. (The Book of Forms, section 162.2, requires that all offerings be counted and recorded before being removed from the church.)
          • Ensure that bills are paid in a timely fashion
          • Provide quarterly reports to Session on the status of congregational income and expenditures relative to the annual budget
          • Make recommendations to Session of any concerns or issues concerning church finances
          • Prepare a budget proposal for submission to the Budget Committee for November 1
          • Maintain church building, equipment and property in a functional and safe condition and arrange for preventive maintenance and repairs as required
          • Ensure that adequate insurance is maintained for church buildings and property
          • Arrange for necessary utilities and services such as grounds keeping, snow removal, etc.
          • Take measures to ensure the physical security of the building, fire prevention and fire safety
          • Oversee the management of church information and the use of information technology. Ensure the security and protection of information and records held by the church office, and provide instructions to the Administrative Assistant for the back-up of electronic data.
          • Team Leader is Assistant Coordinator of the Emergency Management Group (see Parkwood Emergency Plan).



          • To provide a consultative and supportive group for teams with staff earning remuneration and for other volunteers.
          • The Personnel Team consists of four members of the congregation. The Minister is an ex-officio member of the team. Church staff shall not be members of this team. Session shall appoint the members of the team, with at least two members being elders. Membership on the team shall be for an indefinite term.
          • To provide consultative assistance and guidance to teams in their hiring, supervising and evaluating of church staff.
          • To provide personnel support to church staff.
          • To maintain documents relating to the personnel management of paid staff.
          • To meet and report at Session meetings in January, April, June and October or more often as circumstances warrant.
          • To develop guidelines for preparing job descriptions, contracts and terms of employment for church staff to ensure consistency of approach.
          • To develop guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of church staff.
          • To develop guidelines for establishing and reviewing rates of remuneration for church staff.
          • To assist supervising teams in preparing job descriptions and carrying out a search for new church staff.
          • To assist supervising teams in preparing contracts and terms of employment for new church staff.
          • To assist supervising teams in reviewing working conditions and annual remuneration for church staff.
          • To assist supervising teams in reviewing and evaluating annually the effectiveness of church staff.
          • To maintain a set of historical and current job descriptions, contracts, rates of remuneration and performance evaluations.
          • To provide church staff with access to an independent group to discuss their working environment, their rate of remuneration and any other work issues.


        Pastoral Care

          • In the name of Jesus Christ and in the strength supplied by the Holy Spirit, we seek to care for the members of the body of Christ and to reach out to all to whom the Lord sends us. It is our goal to enable every member, adherent, and friend of Parkwood Church to sense the compassionate care of Christ.
          • As decided by the Team
          God calls us through the Scriptures:
          • "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ." (Galatians 6: 2)
          • "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine. you did for me." (Matthew 25: 40)
          • "And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds." (Hebrews 10:24)
            We seek to represent Christ and to be vessels through which the Holy Spirit may work draw men and women closer to God, and we undertake to do so in thought, word, and deed.
          • Prayer- Individually, as a group, through the prayer chain, as appropriate, we seek to pray for ourselves as caregivers, for one another as members of a team and for those to whom we seek to minister.
          • Love - Loved by God, we seek to love our neighbour as ourselves.
          • Presence - By simply being there for others, we seek to bring to them the presence of God, who dwells in us as Christian believers.
          • Listening - Ready to offer a listening ear, we seek to understand each one whom we seek to serve.
          • Encouragement - As fellow pilgrims following Christ, we seek to encourage all who share in journeying on the road of faith.
          • Communication - Through any and all appropriate means, by telephone, cards, e-mail and otherwise, we seek to communicate with those who need to know that they are not forgotten, neglected or ignored by the body of Christ.
          • Counsel - The Bible, as God's word, is the lamp for our feet, and we seek to let its light point the way for others as they seek answers to questions of life and faith.
          • Confidentiality- What is shared in private conversation will be held as private, and not passed to others except by mutual consent.
            Drawing on the diverse gifts which members may offer in Christian service, we may act to respond to practical needs:
          • We will aim to visit as appropriate, offering pastoral care, at home, in hospital, and in other institutional settings
          • We will aim to help with travel (to worship, special events, personal errands or appointments)
          • We will aim to provide assistance with medical appointments (scheduling, listening, follow-up)
          • We will aim to offer food (provision of meals, vouchers when needed)
          • We will aim to offer assistance with home management and personal affairs (house or yard work, banking, moving, etc.)
          • We will aim to facilitate contact with other resource agencies as appropriate (social assistance, professional counseling, nursing home placement, etc.)


        Leading With Care

          • To ensure that all persons, and in particular all children, youth and vulnerable adults who participate in programs/ministries at Parkwood and who use the Parkwood facilities will be cared for with Christian compassion and be safe, in accordance with the. Leading with Care Policy of The Presbyterian Church in Canada,
          • Minister
          • Director of Youth Ministries (if applicable).
          • Christian Education Team: at least one representative but normally two : the Director of Logos
          • Program and Church School Superintendent/Coordinator.
          • One representative from: Policy and Planning Team, Pastoral Care Team, Finance and Maintenance Team.
          • Representatives of other Ministry Teams or activities may be added as required
          • The Convener will be elected by the Team members.
          • The church Administrative Assistant will provide support in managing and filing records and documents in the church office.
          • Identify high-risk activities as defined in the Leading with Care (LWC) policy.
          • Ensure that screening and police records checks are carried out for all leaders and teachers involved in high-risk ministries and are updated as required.
          • Ensure that personal records are handled and stored in a secure fashion.
          • Develop and implement policies, procedures and practices to reduce risk, promote health and safety, and ensure prompt and appropriate response to emergencies, and ensure that leaders, teacher and group members are briefed and trained in their application.
          • Ensure that any incidents or reports of abuse are reported promptly to the appropriate authorities.
          • Report to Session annually or as otherwise required.
          • Provide orientation training on the Leading with Care Policy to all those volunteering to assist as leaders and teachers in high risk activities and provide them with a copy of the Parkwood Leading with Care Policy document. After completion of orientation have volunteers sign a Covenant of Care form.



          • to conduct an independent and diligent scrutiny of the (annual) financial records, to ensure that income and donations received and disbursements made are accurately recorded and documented.
          • A volunteer team (to include in 2012 Kathryn Newton, Harry VanDyk, Ray Thompson, Stewart Elder, Mary MacPherson). The team is granted power to issue to add members if required.
          • outlined in chapter 13 of the Treasurer's Handbook as issued from time to time by the Presbyterian Church in Canada - most recent version dated October 13, 2011 - excerpt (Chapter 13) here; full version of Treasurer's Handbook available here.



          • To prepare an annual budget proposal for consideration and approval by Session and the congregation.
          • The Budget Team consists of the Policy and Planning Team, the Treasurer; the Leader of each Team; and the Minister (ex-officio). Session appoints the chair and secretary of the Budget Team at the November Session meeting.
          • Prepare an annual operating budget consistent with Session goals and the ongoing expenditure requirements of the congregation.
          • Report the current financial status to the congregation on a regular basis.
          • Implement mid-year adjustments in expenditures as required to achieve the desired budget objective.
          • Oversee the stewardship of the annual budget.
          • Encourage the members/adherents of the Congregation in their stewardship of their financial resources.
          • Each Team shall present its budget requests for the following year to the Treasurer by November 15 of the current year.
          • The Treasurer shall prepare a draft report of the income and actual current year expenditures by Team as of the end of November, the status of reserved funds, and the proposed Team budgets for the following year. This draft report will be made available for review by Session at its December meeting.
          • On the basis of the draft financial report for Session, the appointed leader of the Budget Team should identify any major budget issues for circulation to Session prior to the December Session meeting.
          • Session priorities shall be provided to the Budget Team and/or each team after the Session meeting in December.
          • The Budget Team shall meet at the call of the Chair, and shall review the proposed budgets in accordance with the priorities established by Session. The proposed team expenditures should reflect expenditures for ongoing activities as well as new initiatives or priorities. Team representatives should be prepared to explain and/or defend proposed expenditures.
          • The Budget Team shall bring a final budget proposal to the January Session meeting. The proposal shall include proposed recommendations to the congregation for consideration at the annual meeting to be held in February.
          • The Budget Team may request a special meeting of Session if there are contentious issues which are not resolved after the December meeting of Session.
          Dates and Events/Decisions
             November 15 Team budget requests for new year to Treasurer
             November 30 Draft report of Financial Situation by Treasurer
             November Session Appointment of Team Leader and Secretary
             December Session Identification of major budget issues by Team Leader
            Review of Treasurer's Draft Report
            Decision on Guidance to Budget Team
             January Session Decision on recommendations from Budget Team
             February Annual Meeting Presentation of budget to congregation


        Investment Committee

          • The purpose of the Investment Committee is to provide a forum for the review and guidance of the investment policies and investments of Parkwood. In this context, the Investment Committee provides direction and authority to the Treasurer to carry out the decisions of the Committee.
          • The Committee is composed of the Clerk of Session (Chairperson), the leader of the P&P Team (or designate), the leader of the F&M Team (or designate), a Trustee (even if this would make more than one Trustee on the Committee), the Treasurer and the Minister (ex-officio).
          • The Treasurer provides the Committee with information and recommendations on issues such as selecting the term of a new GIC, implementing financial directives from Session, determining the best approach to maintain an appropriate operating fund balance, and other financial issues. Based on this information, the Committee makes decisions and provides direction to the Treasurer.
          • The Committee should meet on a regular basis (at least once a year) at the request of the Chairperson of the Committee, although a meeting can be at the request of the Treasurer to the Chairperson. The Committee should meet to review investments and investment policies and to identify investment problems or emerging investment issues. A quorum shall be three members of the Committee.



        Session Clerk

          • The Clerk of Session is elected by Session from among the ruling elders, for a five-year term.
          • The Clerk is the custodian of the records of the court, and responsible for their safe keeping. It is to the clerk that the higher court gives orders as to bringing up records for inspection, and it holds him/her answerable for neglect. The rules for keeping of records are contained in the Book of Forms, Chapter 2, section IV.
          • The clerk is the only legal extractor from the Session records of the court. (Declaratory Act: A&P 1991, p. 254, 37). He or she should be cautious in giving extracts without the authority of the court. That said, the Clerk is responsible for disseminating Session decisions to elders and ministry teams for necessary action, and for informing the congregation of important Session decisions which are not of a confidential nature. The procedures established by Session for disseminating such information are outlined at Annex A.
          • The Clerk communicates to individuals, to the congregation or to outside agencies on behalf of Session as required. If the Clerk appends his/her official designation when signing any letter or paper, this is understood as giving to the writing the authority of Session.
          • All reports and other papers intended to be brought before the court are received by the clerk and sent to the session Membership, preferably one week before the session meeting.
          • The Clerk records the minutes of Session meetings.
          • The Clerk is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date manual of Session policies and ensuring its availability and accessibility in electronic form.
          • The Clerk will prepare an agenda for Session meetings, in consultation with the Moderator, and will bring it to the Business Committee for discussion prior to meetings.
          • The Clerk is a member of the Business Committee of Session.
          • The Clerk is an ex-officio member of the Policy and Planning Team.
          Annex A:
          Procedures for disseminating Session decisions to Elders, Ministry Teams and Congregation (as agreed by Session in October 2002).
          • The Clerk is to communicate referrals to Session Teams to the appropriate Team chairs no later than the first Sunday of the month following the Session meeting.
          • The Clerk is to prepare a summary of each Session meeting, to include the major decisions by Session, and a brief description of the status of the other major ongoing issues, for distribution to each elder by the second Sunday following the session meeting. The Moderator will review the summary prior to issue. Elders who are away for extended periods may ask the Clerk to have the information sent to them by e-mail.
          • From the Summary, the major decisions by Session which are not of a confidential nature are to be published in the issue of the Parkwood Pulse following the Session meeting. This list of decisions can be prepared by the Administrative Assistant at the direction of the Moderator or the Clerk.
          • The Clerk may seek the assistance of other members of Session in preparing and disseminating any communication.


        Communion Clerk

          • The Communion Clerk is appointed by Session from one of its number. Session may also appoint an assistant who will assist the Communion Clerk as arranged between them.
          • Maintains a roster of elders to serve communion at each Communion service, including the first Sabbath days of March, June, October and December, and any other communion services directed by Session.
          • For each communion service, arranges for volunteers of four elders to serving positions, as shown in the diagram that follows. This is usually done at the Session meeting before Communion.
          • Places a small table at the back of the sanctuary, with paper and pen for signatures of those receiving communion, and a tray to receive communion cards. At the end of the service the cards and signatures are collected and given to the Roll Clerk. Put away the small table after the service.
          • Prepares four wine trays, ensuring that some glasses are filled with apple juice for people allergic to grape, and four bread trays, ensuring that the centre of each tray contains gluten-free bread, and fills (1/4 c) the chalice with grape juice.
          • Sets up the Communion Table for communion at least one-half hour before the start of worship, placing the elements on the communion table and covering them with the linens provided for that purpose. (See Annex A).
          • Fifteen minutes before the service of worship, determines if all are present, securing replacements as needed. Briefs those serving, ensuring that servers all know their positions and what to do (see serving procedure at Annex A.). Reminds all elders to take down the Communion articles after the service, gather up used glasses, wash and dry the trays and chalice and return them to the storage cupboard. (Plastic glasses are to be discarded.)
          • Arranges for one of the elders to bring a tray of bread and wine, with the chalice, to the minister's office after the service, and assist the minister in serving Sunday School teachers.
          • Records and reports the number of people served to Session at its next meeting.
          • Maintains supplies, has communion table linen cleaned as needed, and purchases other supplies as required, paying for them and recovering the cost from the Congregational Treasurer against the Session Budget.
          • Submit a report for the annual report.


        Memorials Clerk

          • The Memorials Clerk is appointed by Session from among its members.
          • Maintain an up-to-date list of items identified as needs by Session or Ministry Teams which would be suitable for memorial gifts. Where possible, obtain and record the exact costs of such items, including taxes, so that the cost may be provided to donors who may be interested in presenting any of the identified items.
          • Obtain Session approval of items offered as memorial gifts, if not previously approved by Session.
          • Make the congregation aware, through the newsletter or other communication, of Session-approved items that might be suitable as gifts in memory or in honour of loved ones.
          • Notify the Treasurer of donations of new items or items identified by Session as suitable memorial gifts.
          • Based on information received from the Treasurer, maintain a record of the amounts in the Memorial Fund, and a record of donors.
          • At the end of the year, prepare a list of those in whose memory or honour donations were made during the year, with the names of donors, for the annual dedication which is normally done at a worship service early in the New Year.
          Annex A: Parkwood Memorial Fund
            The Parkwood Memorial Fund was established to enable members, adherents, friends and relatives to give donations which will honour the living or are in memory of loved ones.

            Session, through its Memorial Clerk and with the assistance of its Ministry Teams, maintains a list of items needed by the congregation and suitable as memorial gifts. Suggestions should be given to the Memorials Clerk on a regular basis.

            All memorial gifts must be approved by Session. Offers of unsuitable gifts will be refused tactfully, and the donor encouraged to consider a more appropriate gift. All appropriate gifts will be received by the congregation with its thanks. Gifts received during the year will be dedicated at a worship service early in the New Year.

            Donations should be in monetary form for reasons of tax accounting and so that the items purchased will be the appropriate type and style. Cheques should be made out to Parkwood Presbyterian Church with the notation that it is for a memorial or in honour of (naming the person(s) to be so honoured) as well as the name(s) of the donor. Cheques are to be given to the Congregational Treasurer, not to the Memorials Clerk.

            The treasurer informs the family that a memorial donation has been received or the person that a donation in their honour has been received. Amounts donated are not shown. The treasurer also informs the Memorials Clerk and the person responsible for updating the Memorial Book by letter or email. If memorial donations are made to church funds or projects other than the Memorial Fund, the Treasurer should inform the keeper of the Memorial Book in the same way as shown above. The treasurer prepares, for the memorials clerk, a monthly report summarizing the transactions in the memorial fund.

            Income tax receipts are prepared by the Treasurer at the time of donation for those who do not have offering envelopes. Donations received from envelope holders will be credited at year end with other givings.

            Normally, tax receipts for gifts in kind will only be issued if the donor so requests and if the donor provides, at the donor's expense, an appraisal of fair market value established by an independent, knowledgeable evaluator according to CRA guidelines, or proof of fair market value acceptable to CRA, as determined by the Treasurer.


        Roll Clerk

          • The Roll Clerk (Clerk of the Constituent Roll of Communicant Members of the Congregation) is appointed by Session from among its members and takes his/her direction from Session. Session may appoint an elder to assist the Roll Clerk as agreed between them. Either the Roll Clerk or the Assistant Roll Clerk should be proficient with word processing or spreadsheet computer programs.
          The Roll Clerk shall:
          • maintain the Roll Book in an up-to-date condition (see "Procedure for Reviewing and Purging the Communicant Roll" below) by promptly recording additions and deletions of communicants as they occur and notify elders. The Roll Clerk should obtain in writing from the Clerk of Session all additions or deletions made by Session.
          • maintain a file containing Transferred-In Certificates which may be destroyed after the end of the calendar year in which they were used to join Parkwood.
          • assign an elder to members and adherents as soon as notified by the minister. Notify the elder involved.
          • provide for the receipt of Communion Cards and a Temporary Roll for those who forgot their cards to record their attendance on the day of the service, including special communion services.
          • record Communion attendance from the Communion Cards and Temporary Roll in the Roll Book, then promptly return the Communion Cards to the elders for their future use.
          • advise Session of the state of the roll as outlined in "Procedure for Reviewing and Purging the Roll.
          • provide information regarding the Roll to Session as required.
          Annex A - Procedure for Reviewing and Purging the Communicant Roll
          • The Roll Clerk is to prepare a list early in October of each year of those communicant members who are not recorded as attending Communion for the three previous years and a list of those who have not attended for the two previous years.
          • The Roll Clerk is to notify individual elders, two weeks prior to the October Session meeting, of the names of the members in their districts who appear on the "three year" list and ask the elder concerned to notify him before the December Session meeting as to whether or not the member(s) concerned should be retained or removed from the communicant roll.
          • At the December Session meeting, the Roll Clerk will inform Session of the names of members whose elders have recommended their removal from the list and will make a motion to that effect.
          • The names of these whom Session votes to remove from the roll will be entered in the Session minutes. The Clerk of Session will provide the Minister and the Roll Clerk with a copy of the approved motion as soon as practical after the meeting.

          also see Chapters 124 and 125 of the BOOK OF FORMS


      Representative Elder

        • from the BOOK OF FORMS, 2011, Section 114 (The Session - Relationship to Other Courts)

            114.7 The session will appoint one of its number as representative elder to the presbytery (in the case of multiple point charges, only one of the sessions at a time will appoint a representative elder, unless an additional "equalizing elder" is requested by presbytery). The representative elder is responsible for:

              114.7.1 Attending meetings of the presbytery, participation in its deliberations, and reporting to the session the decisions, remits and referrals of the presbytery.

            114.8 When a charge suddenly becomes vacant, or the minister becomes incapacitated for any reason, it is the duty of the representative elder, where no commissioners are specially appointed for that purpose, to present the facts to the presbytery, and apply for the supply of ordinances.


      Convenor of the Session Benevolence Ministry Fund

        • inferred in "BENEVOLENCE MINISTRY POLICY"

          The Convenor of the Session Benevolence Ministry Fund

          • is appointed by Session for an indeterminate period
          • administers requests for benevolence gifts from members of Session according to procedures set out in the Benevolence Ministry Policy (November 21, 2012)
          • keeps Session apprised when funds are low



        Membership and Election
        • There shall be three trustees elected by the Congregation.
        • The trustees must be members of the Congregation in full communion.
        • For the election of a trustee, Session shall present to the Congregation the name(s) of a suitable candidate(s) to be elected. Further nominations may be placed from the floor. The Congregation shall then approve a nomination or elect by secret ballot if the number of nominations exceeds the number of trustees being sought. Voting normally takes place at the annual meeting
        • If there are less than two active trustees and the annual meeting will not take place for at least two months, then a special congregational meeting must take place to elect one or more new trustees.
        • The notice calling any meeting of the congregation at which one or more trustees are to be elected must include the phrase "and for the election of one or more trustees."
        • Once elected, individuals continue as trustees until they leave the congregation, are suspended in process of discipline or resign the position.
        • The Trustees shall elect their own chair. Meetings shall be held at the call of the chair or on the request of any Trustee.
        The Trustees shall be responsible for:
        • holding title to the property of the Church;
        • ensuring that clear title to that property is maintained;
        • proceeding diligently to have all improper encumbrances on the title removed;
        • receiving all communications from any level of government as to proposed changes to zoning of the Church's property and neighbouring properties, coordinating the preparation of the appropriate response to such communications, and responding to such communications;
        • receiving any lawsuits filed against the Congregation and coordinating the preparation of the appropriate response to such lawsuits;
        • carrying out other responsibilities which Session and/or the Congregation may request;
        • meeting as required during the year and reporting activities during the past year to the Congregation at its annual meeting;
        • holding the key(s) to the bank safety deposit box containing church records;
        • advising the minister and/or the session in a timely fashion of issues or developments being considered.



      • from Chapters 167 and 170 of the BOOK OF FORMS...
          167. The convener, secretary and treasurer are appointed by the congregation at itsannual meeting from among the members of the (Finance and Maintenance Team). If this is not done, the (F&M Team) appoints them at its first meeting held after the annual meeting.
          170. It is the duty of the treasurer to keep the accounts of the congregation, together with all vouchers; to receive and disburse all moneys subject to the direction and control of the board; and to produce his/her accounts, properly audited, to the annual meeting of the congregation. Where there is a chartered bank convenient to the congregation, it is the duty of the treasurer to deposit therein, without delay, all money received by him/her, and in a separate account identifying it as belonging to the congregation. (Declaratory Act: A&P 2008, p. 253, 17).



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