Expansion 1996: floor plans


    lower level, new features

      A. storage where kitchen was
      B. improved entry to lower hall
      C. new elevator main floor to lower level
      D. new kitchen
      E. new music office
      F. new music/meeting room
      G. new area for 2-3 classrooms
      posts removed from lower hall

    (red line shows previous building limit)




    main level, new features

      A. expanded narthex takes in existing office area
      B. new handicap-accessible washroom
      C. new elevator main floor to basement
      D. new volunteers' office
      E. new church office
      F. new youth director's office
      G. new minister's office, adjacent counselling area
      H. larger main floor area in sanctuary
      I. larger platform area in sanctuary
      J. storage off platform

    (red line shows previous building limit)


(picture @ top: the narthex was expanded towards Merivale Road and a peaked roof added in 1996)





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